Jun 21, 2008

Tagged Epidemic Resolved

KETEREH, 22 June - The one month of widespread Tagged epidemic (TE), was at last resolved. Dr. Anas (sejak bler jd doktor ni) said that the disease really hit up yhe blogging world in May, and in KISASian world through the carrier, firstly through the famous architect's blog, http://yeannanonikki.blogspot.com.
He also said,

"We are relieved that this contagious disease affects our doctors. The disease spreads like 'cendawan tumbuh selepas hujan'."

When asked whether the disease will affect the blogger in the future.

"I don't think so, university is a very strong antidote. They'll be immuned with this. But, it may spread to the juniors."

Other news
  • 2nd Intake IIUM register today
  • Top scorer KPL, Hakim Amieluddin visit CFSIIUM PJ today
  • MARA result officially announce tomorrow
  • Consultant Anas to start on laptop business
  • Azlan Ariff rejects JPA and Taylor's and heads for teacher post
  • Syakir Iskak to pursue in Malaysian France Institute with Ikhwan
  • Gen52 - Leading the World post will be updated next week
  • File database for download will be uploaded before August
  • Zharif was very commited staying up for EURO, but today everything ended up because of gugurnya dutch!
  • Reunion meeting will be held in INTEC this week
  • KMB's. 2 days more
For further information on the news stated above, please contact me, or request news in the comment link.


  1. tanggungjawab itu lebih banyak berbanding waktu- syeikh hassan al banna

  2. ooohh, bnd ni bleh dikira tanggungjawab ek...

    aku nmpk mcm spam je...

  3. i think this kind of thing is just for fun...klu nk buat, buat la..klu x nak...doesnt affect anybody.....ape pn bkan ak mastermind nye..hohoho....just menyebarkan~~~

  4. mmg for fun pun, sbb tgk ade mse tuh mcm xde idea nk wat post pape lngsung...
    aku pun pnh jd gak cm2...
    tyme 2 xwujud agi tagged yg dtg dr ko...
    pas2 ble dunia dia smpai aku pun dh mula trlibat dlm dunia statistik..huhu...
    u r very open-minded...

  5. dunia statistik??

  6. On anonimous>>

    Ada ape dengn "dunia statistik"?

  7. ok jap aku quote balik,
    "pas2 ble dunia dia smpai, aku pun dh mula trlibat dlm dunia statistik.."

    tak faham kaitan dunia tag dgn dunia statistik..any xplaination?

    ko ni banyak sgt istilah2 bombastic yg menggugat tahap pengetahuan linguistik aku la..

  8. On anonimous...

    ooo, dunia statistik yg tuh...
    menyibukkn diri dlm dunia database 2la...

    ape2 jela...
    ntah, tp menarik gak baca dengdorg pny...
    xsempat nk karang sendiri nye...

    maafla ye, xsempat buat tag yg 7org tagged aku...

  9. to anonimous:

    bkan ke statistik tuh melibatkan analysation of data.....

    en anas nih kan bru2 nih byk2 buat database especially bout gen52...
    sbb tu die ckap "aku pun dh mula trlibat dlm dunia statistik"

    btul dak anas??huk33

  10. On liyana>>

    Btul gak la...
    analysation of data 2 penting...
    xsemestinya gen52 je..
    semua bnd,
    2kekdg jd gler semacm je...
    planning agi...

  11. to anas:


    to liyana:

    do u noe da only undesirable thing when Math-King and analyser like anas is writing?
    we might have to flip through our math or add math revision book again looking for da real definition of the term.(then only we can relate it to his work)

    to anas again:

    yeah, it's a compliment.
    please feel happy.

  12. 2anonimous

    you can write jokes for my blog...
    i can pay you for thousand dollar a month...

  13. thousand dollar a month??

    who is doing better jokes now??


  14. On anonimous>>>

    we have same qualities...haha


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