Jul 12, 2008


What really the mystery behind the word 'Casa', comparatively to others, will wrote 'taylors'? Oh, a very bad topic sentence. Mr. Stephen Wise will be going to teach me more on this in Eng3u class, thus boosting my English knowledge.

I had Mr Lively Leslie, who favors Pittsburgh deeply - the hockey ice team "Pittspurgh Penguins", teaches me Chemistry, while Ms Malar David, Advanced Functions, and Mr Hiung, Computer Information and Science.

Oh, it's nothing to do with the word 'casa', but just because now I'm living at casa apartment, located near to Mydin, Giant and The Summit. Everyday, I have to go through the congested Subang road.

This post purposely to prevent worms from afflicting the blog. Online Newsletter in comments box.


  1. guess mny new things u found in taylors..

    ws xpecting more pics on taylors.. show da bloggers ur cllege la~

  2. On layyinulharir>>

    will be on next post..
    mmg free bebeno la ko en...

  3. News~12Jul

    * Reunion, reunion, reunion, please give your opinion here on reunion.
    * Everyone goes silence
    * SAM Taylor's starts on Monday, week after registration
    * This blog will be updated more oftentimes starting next week
    * Most KISASian agreed to go to reunion

  4. huhuhu...
    InsyaAllah....I will go to the Reunion...
    hope everyone else does, too!!

    or else ...
    no one wants to come!

  5. On who am i?

    stand by urself...
    make urself...
    it your's...

    ape yg aku merapu nih...

  6. huuuu~~~
    nak pi jgak...
    insyaAllah..ak n amy...yg boys x sure r..kene tanye dieorg sndri..
    nway...agree wit lh....show me ur college la...mybe ak g sane kot mggu depan..nak cri reference book...

  7. seriously I'm jealous with you peeps~ hahaha
    I don't have condo u know
    talks about "luxurios life"... bestnyer~~~

  8. On liyana>>

    selamat dtg...
    carila buku bebanyk...

    On syaima>>

    xpayah jelous...
    korg nk fly dah...
    life is not about that chapter...

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. what beholds in the future for the next chapter is the most scary than ever~

  11. On syaima>>

    inquisitive chapter..which makes curiosity arise..
    gud luck!!


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