Mar 18, 2011

Run Inside your PC with Intel Processor

intel core i5 by intel
A very awesome ads made by Intel on TED: Ads worth spreading. It shows a film of a woman who is chased, runs through different applications in the computer. Ads worth watching! Recommended by Aiman Azlan.

Screenshot from the movie
Watch the film: TED | Ads Worth Spreading | The Chase


  1. lorgh.. sifoooo pnye owner kee... criusly pnah usha blog sifooooo gn spm leavers.. tp xtau lak u're the one! nway, nice to meet ya! :)

  2. lol. sape kasik ko link spmleavers. ekeke

  3. google interview mara, pastu blog spm leavers yg 'femes' tuh TERtersenarai plak.. upenye Anas Faris pnyee...

  4. slmt hari raya, maaf zahir batin jugak. erk, da x update blog?


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