May 24, 2008

A Ship for Cluster Teachers

A Ship for Cluster Teachers


For your information (only KISASian batch 52), a present had been bought and delivered by hand to Puan Haznah as a present from batch 52, spm 2007 KISAS, to the teachers in conjunction with the teachers day celebration 2008.

Puan Haznah will anounced to all the teachers of the present given to the school. We also gained some advice that had been recorded unintentionally, secretly.

This post is main purposely to ask for investment if any. Anyone who is sincerely willing to invest can send the money to me by certain ways.

1.Postal (individual or collection) /Any sum -Do request address
2.Prepaid reload (celcom only) / RM5/RM10/RM30
3.By hand - Outing with Anas - as did by Aman Ismail
4.Bank-In -Do request

The sum of this ship is RM80, if the total investment is greater, it will be securely saved and used for further investment of batch 52 including events made cush as reunion. If we can collect more than RM1,000, especially from the kind-heart of INTEC student, so, we can held a reunion overseas as discussed before.

This is the ship... Symbolic of many things...Hopes, bringing the knowledge together...

Thanx faqih and hanif m noor for been involving in the 10minutes decision...
But, I made decision to buy a ship...Anyone can describe/clarify the symbolize of ship.......


  1. erk...first to comment???
    macam xpercaya
    mana pemilik2 takhta sblum ni?

    my comment:
    meaningful picture
    01 cg haznah
    02 stayers
    03 uniform baju melayu
    04 wang pergi mana?
    05 bilik kita kena lectures ngn cikgu haznah dulu
    etc etc

    ntah simbolik apa kapal tu
    dalam sgt kot
    pelayaran/captain/tradisional/sacrifices/water/angin kencang etc etc

    hg yg wat decision, lepas tu xtau sbb apa?pelik btol

    btw xnampak sgt la size kapal ni
    buat la comparison sket

  2. hiii~~
    pmilik takhta???huk33

    hmm kpal nih..simbolik ape yek???
    if the teacher is a ship..then it have to face with lots of obstacles during the journey..the sea..the rocks..the ice..the rough wind..tornado my be..n manyak lgi means teacher lalui byk obstacles dmi mddik plajr2nye...

    if we*student* are the ship...the the teacher is the captain..they lead us to rite arrive at the destination means teacher guide kte smpai kte teacher will abandon their students like a captain who'll not abandon their ship...

    hmm tu je pndpat ak..ntah btul ke x???hik33..

  3. hmm...ape ek simbolik ship 2..mybe kte semua(techers+studnts) susah senang bersama-sama..bkerjasama and bersatu-padu utk pertahankan ship 2 drpd karam..kiranya ship 2 kisas la..nway, of course da leader is our teachers~agree with yeanna...

  4. semmmmaartt!

    erm,pki duit sape?

  5. bgs2
    ada jgk kenangan dr batch 52
    symbolic 4 d ship??
    ak rasa:
    kapal simbol kpd perjuangan menempuh pelbagai cabaran sepanjang belajar di kisas...ada cabarn ke??ye la..cabaran dr guru2 supaya kita jd batch terbaik
    alhamdulillah we almost reach that gol........

  6. 2fiq

    pemilik takhta dh xberebut takhta da...
    mungkin da insaf...

    2liyana & mahirah

    tiada jwpn btul atau salah..
    semuanya betul...tima kasih atas pndngn...

  7. 2the thoughts

    duit aku...
    klu nk invest meyh ar...
    xnk xpe...

    2aiman kisah

    pk sendiri simbolik tuh...
    gabungkan pendapat korg sume...

  8. aik..intec students je?? kmb laaagi kaye~ yg petronas tu pon! counting silver papers dowh!
    do explain further...

  9. 2syaima

    katakn la KMB lagi kaya...xleh nk kutip duit agi, kes dorg xmsuk ag...24jun br msuk...

    petronas pun cm2 gak...
    intec n matriks je aku dh mintak...

    reunion tu humour je...
    tp klu leh wat oversea kn hebat...
    mksud aku duit kita klu byk leh wat pape2...

  10. ya Allah..seram sejuk + sedih dgr pn. haznah yg takut,kuat la iman ni..moga kisas terus berjaya dgn tarbiyah..nway,selamat maju jaya kpd stayers2...

  11. 2mahirah

    iman-perlu kuar dimana...
    kita perlukn ukhwah islamiyah...


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