Jun 15, 2008

Discover Canada Studies

Summaries from ~Discover Canada Studies~

from Dewan San Choon - Wisma MCA 163 Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur
Met Prof Adnan, Head of Councellor Taylor's College..

ICPU is quite tough..

ICPU latest result..


from 10%failed, 90% were MARA, and 10%were JPA plus others...
then definitely MARA 100% malays.

why malays? action need to be taken...
some reasons:
1.cultural shock
2.some "malays" are "late-malays"
3.last-miniters outbreak
X.sunway pyramid??nope...ice skating is compulsory...haha

if do not reach the 80%, jpa will send you a "get off" msg. Then, have to start from scratch as if after SPM because ICPU is not recognized by local universities.

More news..Contact me..

My targeted University - Toronto, McGill, MIT?, Harvard?, Cambridge?, IIUM?!, wateva la...

Summaries from ~Discover US Studies~

Everywhere the same,... don't be last miniters as advised by the senator in last KISAS motivation programme..

If you want MIT, Harvard?, Michigan,...You can just rest and sleep from now...?!! yuh, if you think so...



  1. ko bole je lps..

    ko kn sifoo..

    ha3..bnyk mnde ak kne blja dr ko nih..

  2. mal, klu aku nk kne ckp ngn ko by calling, m\ada 2jam, psl nk mintak tips...xdela...byk bnd nk dibincngkn...
    2la, gnela celcom, sng skit nk bncng...percepatkn proses...

  3. ha3...nk aku gne celcom..mse ak msok kmb nnt laa..nk bncg sal ape?

  4. eh..bkn call rate celcom-celcom ngn celcom-maxis 4 u-packs ni sme ke??

  5. xdala...klu aku je dok call hang, krdt aku lupus ar...klu ko gne celcom, bru ada 2way communication...
    or, other alternative is that you reload for me...

  6. hmm..btol 2 don't be last miniters..nway,, gud luck nnt..

  7. kate susah... sempat lg fikir nak ice skating tu~
    just do the best.. tak yah fikir menda lain.. ur goal for now is FLY! other than that, please omit it A.S.A.P.....

  8. emm...rsnya sebelum masuk and discover it for yourself...mmg sume org ckp susah...yg kitaorg yg nk amik IB nih pun sama jek...my opinion is why don't we think positive and make that as a challenge?lg tinggi pressure yg kita dpt lg tinggi impactnyer...so accept the challenge to push yourself forward...aiseh,pandai jer ckp kt org diri sendiri pun belum tentu lagi!nyway,all the best n wish you good luck!

  9. 2mahirah

    yup, last-miniters...


    aku akan mengundang sume dak2 INTEC especially hafizi - mesti dia ske... supaya pegi ice skating, biyaq enjoy rmai2...

    2nadzirah baharuddin

    i knew, klu aku ni jenis xconfident, think positive, plan induk pun aku xleh wat... aku nk sedarkn org melayu...90% fail org melayu...bila org melayu nk sedar, aku rse kne lancarkn meritokrasi ar...bru mereka nak sedar...

  10. cikgu rosnaini had once said;
    "jadikan setiap kesukaran itu sebagai peluang"

    i found these words are similar to what albert einstein had also said;
    "in the middle of difficulty lies opportunity"

    so, i'm sure u dont have any problem in understanding what these two people mean,right?

  11. 2anonymous

    yuh, thnx, i think u come in the right time...u r a good advisor...
    keep it up..

  12. dak2 intec rancang nak gi ice-skatin ke?
    amboi2.....'advanced' korang ye!
    yela....dak2 kisas kat sane kan ramai...
    sumer nak fly...tinggalkan malaysia...
    bagitau sket ape sebab korang nak fly,huh?
    ape malaysia punye u tak bagus ke?

  13. On who am I?>>

    sbb dh diberi sayap aku rse...
    there are pros and cons in everthing..


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