Jul 3, 2008

Chess - Application in Life

Online chess
Application of Chess in daily life...

This is the reality of some children in Washington, where survival games are played at every level, some more fatal than the next.

But it doesn’t have to be like that, they tell him at the rec, if you use the same strategy that you would use in chess: Look in front and behind at the same time and know that no piece is to be taken for granted.

It is the same strategy Marte has to use each day: to get to class at Eastern Senior High School, to move around his new neighborhood, where it is dangerous to be like him, new and not known. So he rolls with a swagger as he makes his way alone across the board of life. No rooks, no bishops, no knights out here to defend him.

“In real life you have to be cautious all the time,” Marte says. “There is a lot of killing in D.C. You have to watch your back. You have to be on your toes. When they start shooting, you have to know where to run.”


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  3. wahh!!byknye pengunjung ko..adehh!!segan lak ak rase..hhmmm..

  4. On syaima>>


    On hudasaffry>>

    la..xyah la segan2...jgn amik sgt ape yg aku ckp...

  5. tips yg bagus.
    kalau game "kepong" dan lain2 macam mane pulak??
    nak jugak skill2 yang lain..
    main congkak ke...


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