Jul 4, 2008


This is the last day for me.
I will leave this post for news.
Do check the comment (news included) link for latest headline.
Until I got into the internet coverage at Taylor's College.
I'm sorry to all.
Together for ever.


  1. News~4Jul

    * Today is the US Independance Day
    * Reunion meeting - problems may occur
    * "There are no difference between overseas students and local students, the different is on us" AnasAF.
    * The NEWS will still on, although the blogger was not around - http://paradoxanas.blogspot.com
    * KMB to succeed CAS= Creativity, Active, Service for 60 hours each. They planned to contribute activities for KISAS.
    * Taylor's College - One day to go. Taylor's blog increase all in a sudden since last several weeks.
    * Let change to Celcom UOX, go to UOX Celcom Website

  2. kau tak aabis-abis promot celcom ek?

    celcom broadband takde ke?

    aku nak gune tu la kat taylor nanti..

  3. On aqila aini>>

    klu ko nk bwk broadband..aku nk pinjam..boleh la ek..

  4. errr... ler.. aku igt nak pinjam ko nye..


  5. good luck and don't ever forget ur STANDS and fastaqim kama umirta..
    be prepared for everything..
    (deep meaning.. figure it out..)

  6. isk3..nih yg ak nak tukaq celcom nih..but kwn ak sorang pon xde pakai celcom..pokai arr ak..hak3..ko sorang jek anas kawan yg pakai celcom..kui3[kte kawan ann] he3

  7. fuh....
    cakap macam ko dah nak tinggal blog ni utk selama-lamenye!!!

    kalau ko takde agaknye camner la bebudak kisas nak dapat info yer??

  8. to>>who am I?
    I'm here! hahha..take over jap..
    just utk reunion jek

  9. On syaima>>

    Not too deep...
    still obvious meaning..

    On aqila aina>>

    jgn rsau..
    sne senang kot...

  10. On hudasaffry>>

    wpun aku sorg kwn ko yg gne celcom, tp ko akn tgk nnt...

    On who am i??>>

    macam la dalam dunia ni ada internet je..but i can still on9 jgn rsau...

    On syaima>>

    Blum pape lagi, dah take over, maknanya tugas aku dh selesai...

  11. News~5 Jul

    * Taylor's SAM programme starting on 14th of July, registration and orientation is a big gap.
    * CFS IIU PJ impressed opinions and thoughts on reu.
    * Reunion should be reviewed again.
    * INTECian configured for Bank Account.
    * MARA Taylor's register today.
    * STAM Muslimat already available at KISAS.

  12. what do you be by 'reunion should be reviewed again'?

    *how's taylor?

  13. News~6 Jul

    * Taylor's MARA register today - accommodated in Ridzuan Condo
    * Taylor's ADP starts with English test
    * The malaysian is watching a real theatre, not even seen in any movies - the battle in the gov and oppo.

  14. ~latest news from usim~

    wzna's leavin 4 PROGRAM PELAJAR CEMERLANG (PPC) KPLSM under KPM..

    course : maths
    prep place : INTEC
    country : UK

  15. JPa scholar's accomodation di manekah?
    MARA amek brp org this year for ICPU?
    awk under mara/jpa?

  16. hmmm....reunion should be reviewed?
    maybe it's becoz of da '30'....

    some said that they don't wanna go becoz of that...
    I don't know...
    but they say they would come to KIsAs
    and meet other eventhough they wouldn't join in the 'eating' and stuff that would be held...(from the '30' funding)

    haha...actually, I think so, too.

    what do you think?

  17. seems like RM30 hs been sriously a big issue among kisasians.. a vry2 big issue..

    shud it b?..@anyone wit ideas on how 2 lower the rate 2 satisfy others?..

  18. to all>>
    I will review on the matter of
    "RM 30"
    if only that is the matter I am willing to give in and try to figure things out on how to support overloaded budgets~
    sponsors anyone??

  19. On everyone>>

    don't fight on something...dori on something...

    On layyinulharir>>

    ooo, not so fast...
    hehe..i'm here...
    why not...

  20. News will come out afterwards...
    I'm busy for few hours...

  21. haha...
    it's funny rite when people argue about money...

    is it really,money has become a very BIG problem among KISASians???

    Wow....that's really....errr....something.

  22. On who am I? >>

    i don't think so, it's something that not been discussed and reviewed among all-then causing a big prob...

  23. 1 perkare aku x suke psl celcom...

    dia punye roaming...

    trok amat...

    utk calling2... aku syorkan happy... =)

    caj yg dikenakan komfem x lebih rm1 utk 1 call.. walaupun ckp brapa lame yg anda suke...

  24. On amirul iman..

    maknanye roaming happy mantap la...

  25. roaming maxis paling bagos...



  26. On amirul iman>>

    aku xpnh lak kaji psl bnd tuh...
    xtaula fakta mne yg btul///


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