Aug 1, 2008

Gen52 - Amanah Raya Scholarship to Al-Azhar

[Taking picture with Najib...]

All KISASian stayers, plus STAM of year 2007 and 2008, but 2, are going to pursue Islamic Studies in University Al-Azhar under full sponsorship of Amanah Raya.

The STAM still goes on, with Izzat Naqib and Syazwan Mohd.

A meaningful, memorable picture. I know all KISASian knows who are in the picture - with Najib. But, they appear under the topic "Bawa Tuduhan Liwat ke Permatang Pauh".



  1. impressive..
    meaning no more upper stams?..

  2. nothing to say except congrats to them

    hopefully this is the best decision that they take

    and also big challenges for izzat n wang

    Allah knows the best

  3. On layyinulharir:

    no more..
    fikri aiman also joined the team..
    but STAM still there..

  4. On fiq:

    hopefully this is the best decision..
    anticipate it..
    izzat naqib n wang can do it!
    we have to support them..

  5. oo..i saw my ex,he's going to study in egypt right away?without sitting the STam ke?

  6. On fathiyyah:

    yuh, he will be doing something like (matriks)--ala2 stam kot-- there, then pursue to Universiti Al-Azhar.

  7. anas, ko tetinggal lg sorang stayer yg msh stay...tarmizi azhar...aku baru jmpe diorang & diorang krm slm...sng2 turun la kisas

  8. great~
    one more troop of kisasian to egypt..
    "mesir bumi kinanah" or "mesir bumi wakafan"
    maybe next reunion shall be in egypt~ :P

  9. salam..

    anas, tau tak the best website yg kita bleh visit utk search pasal software piracy dan operating system of computer,eg; linux, macintosh, windows, etc.

    sorry, i dun really know bout computer stuffs. tq

  10. On hanif_m_noor:

    o, tertinggal, or tertanggal..
    biasa la tuh.
    thnx 4 da info..
    mmg sng nk turun KISAS, tp kne la pakat dulu..awal2...

  11. On syaima:

    but.the most important is reu in jannah...ameen...

  12. On anonymous:

    contact me, sir.
    by mail or phone..
    ni piracy pny prbncngn..hehe
    tp, klu nk through sni pun bleh je..

  13. mksud aku turun tu xmesti turun reramai...datang sesorang dua pn bole je, skadar melawat...sbgai motivasi utk mereka...

    paling kurang pun, kontek la diorang...tanye kabar & bkongsi pandangan...

  14. On hanif_m_noor:

    yela, tau la.
    klu rse2 nk pegi tu gtau awl2, aku leh je join.
    pegi sne kita berkongsi motivasi bukan memberi motivasi.
    sntiase in-contact.
    n harap sume cm2..

  15. Snippet 4-Aug;

    ** No news on reu. No new reports or stuffs.

    ** For those who want to request the 52database file, you will get it within next two weeks, sorry for inconvenience.

    ** ICPU scoring system based on median or mode in excel had been created by me. Those who wanted can download through, the new file of updated version will be posted on coming Saturday

    ** More computer assessment this week - Quiz, Test, and Lab Assignment

    ** Dark clouds..of Chem marks, English Presentation, and Adv. Func... No more YM!

  16. news on reunion:
    it's running smoothly except for low budget problem. Everyone is busy for exams. Good luck to u too

  17. On syaima:

    ooohh.ok try to face the problm.n make ur stand.anticipate change.and ape2 la.


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