Oct 6, 2008

Bid Adieu

1. Some of our friends have left Malaysia to pursue their ambition studying Egypt and Jordan and Ruddia. Most of them flew since previous week. From Mara scholars, Yayasan Terengganu, Amanah Raya, Fama, and JPA Scholars.

2. There are nothing much or less than seeking knowledge. Seeking knowledge is very important in order to develop the nation and human capital of people and contribute to the religion and country.

3. Some of gen52 students flew before raya, but most of them which are JPA scholars flew yesterday. This post will published some of the pictures captured in the bidding adieu event from KLIA at 9.30 to 10.00pm, October 6, 2008.

4. Reunion "held" in KLIA airport where most KISASIAN joins the farewell. The good stuff is that KISAS sent a bus of 5 boys including Tarmizi and 30++ girls -- or known as KISASIAN future gold.

5. I hope all my friends will enjoy the study timeline and manage the time well. All the best!

6. To all those who just flew, thanks for revisiting this blog. Do communicate here. Leave your footprint. When you online, give us the news.


  1. All the best to all my friends!

  2. mcm ku kenal gamba2 dlm tue...
    mak ai,ramainye anta...
    time jordan xrmi camtu...

  3. itu wat reunion ke hantar org ke dua2...

  4. ON sakura_heart:

    pasti kamu mengenali mereka, tapi kamu berada di dua negara yg berlainan. dan saya juga negara yg lain. tetapi saya berada di negara asal anda semua...

    ON sahabat:


  5. aku keseorangan di KLIA..

  6. ON c|pan^_^:

    aku wujud juga..haha..
    mne keseorgn..

  7. asal agi byk gmbr kite2 je??
    hahaha...rase klaka r plak

    btw,gud luck guys..
    all the best!

  8. ON wafi:

    nnt kang hang nk g US..
    gmbr2 dia jugak ke...
    all the best..

  9. siapa yg pakai baju putih dlm gmba 2?(yg rmbut pnjang)

  10. Anonymous,

    ada dua org baju putih, rambut lebih kurang sama. kamula tuh..


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