Dec 27, 2008

Islamic Wallpapers - Download free wallpapers from here

Backgrounds, Desktop wallpaper, cool wallpaper, background wallpaper, pc wallpaper, nature wallpaper, and free wallpaper. Are these what are you finding out?

With islamic wallpapers, you can get all the features above including additional islamic features. There are a lot of cool islamic wallpapers and graphics with Al-Quran verse, hadith and quotes from ulama'.

Is is very great! Fully impressive! See some:

All these wallpapers is not only giving benefits to us in term of it's unique design, but also remind us of increasing our quality of islam, iman and ihsan.

I've separated into three zip folders:

i_Studio I
i_Studio II
i_Studio III

What else we are waiting for? Use this wallpaper now!


  1. beautiful and nice collection…thanks a lot for sharing….we would be pleased to see more at next visit.


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