Dec 31, 2008

2008 - Top Commentators Award

We are now in 2009, a new year that hopefully brings positive different in us. As an author of, I'm really happy that this blog has stayed for 8 months, and yet until now there are 22600+ visits on the page. I really appreciate all your help in order to make a unique blogs. My focus is not a personal blog itself, but to put everything inside a blog.

For 2009, I target to post more about blogging tools (widgets, templates), tips and reviews (interesting stuffs, software, online webpages), helpful articles (doing best in interview, how to fulfil ample holiday time, universities ranking), and information about making money online (adsense, affliate, forum, survey etc). I will also continue giving information on gen 52k. The personal stuff is maybe about Canada, ICPU and all that kind of stuffs.

As this blog grows, I would like to appreciate all my commentators who give comments, remarks in the comment box. Your comment helps me a lot. As a token of appreciation, I list out all the commentators name and profile links (for top ten only).

I use the Top Commentators Widget to identify this. However, there two people who wins the THE TOP COMMENTATOR AWARD from this blog - so I would consider both (-syaima~ and Liyana) as the winner. I'll put the top ten commentators blog link in the navigation box. Thank you to all of you! Thanks to all the visitors!

Is your name listed there? Do comment and give remarks.

Salam Maal Hijrah 1430H and Happy New Year 2009!
Come and visit!


  1. erk~
    camne nak bagi winning speech ek?


    BTW... takde hadiah?

  2. -syaima~,

    ada2. jgn risau. akan diberitahu kemudian.

  3. uiks,,name aku pon ade ker..haha..

  4. Izyan,

    yes, kerana memberi comment. thanks.

  5. haha! nama aku pun ada! >.<

    enam komen.

    kwang kwang kwang~

  6. encik anas, asal ada 2 nama aku? no. 18 dan no. 60?

  7. aQila Aini,

    cheating detected ni. hik3.
    sbb ko tukar2 nama ko kt blogger profile. Javascript ni detect ikut nama, so klu ko change byk kali, tmpt ko komen dr dulu lagi pun berubah.

  8. salam..saya org 'baru' dalam dunia ini..jadi tidak mengapa lah jika xdpt ranking di atas~..ngahahaa~..

    btw, thnx 4dis appreciation..!..^,^

  9. fieqa,

    tidak mengapa, itu semua tidak penting. semoga anda menggali lagi dunia blog.

  10. oh saya no 23 rupenye.hehe.kla keep up d good work, sifoo.wah dah 2009 dan x lama lagi kamu akan ke canada kn.cpt sungguh masa berlalu. (ok tbe2 plik sbb t'bg komen bhs melayu plak)

  11. myss,

    ok2. lama lagi ke canada, bukan tidak lama lagi. walaupun masa itu pantas, tapi boleh dislowkan.

  12. sedang memikirkan bagaimana mau slowkan masa? is it possible? ape daa..

  13. myss,

    impossible is an the combination of:

    I am possible.
    where 'am' shortened to 'm' because it makes the same sound.

    So, impossible is bears more possibilities than possible

  14. Hi. Yes my name is also there buddy! Anyway now my blog's PR is 2 as well. Would be interested in adding my blog to your blogroll? I would do the same.

  15. Yes, I am very interested in doing so. But, can I put in my blog bank at the right sidebar, so if you updated your blog, it will be on the top. Congratz for the PR!

  16. Thanks. I've already added your blog to my blogroll. Yes, you can put it on your sidebar under Blog Bank. But since you have a large collection you can split your blog bank to two columns.Anyway, its your wish as long as you add my blog somewhere :)

  17. Satish Iyer,

    Okay then, I'll think about it. Thanks again!

  18. haha aku top 15...

  19. cipan,

    yes2. klu buat substring(0,1) jadi top 1.


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