May 26, 2008

Taylor's College - Here I come!!

Taylor's College - Here I come!!

1 + 3 ICPU Taylor's College
1 Year > International Canadian Pre-University Taylor's College
3 Years > University in Canada

May 25, 2008

Panorama Bilik Simulasi

Panorama Bilik Simulasi

IC Bilik Simulasi

Information board at right to put top scorers of Adm3 - usually sifu akmal n faqih will be on the top.

White board

Cikgu Mariah's desk (left) and Mr Wong's desk (right)

Computer (mine at left while Akmal's computer at right) - joking...

May 9, 2008

Let use Lingoes!!

Let use Lingoes!!

Let enhance our language now...
Hereby, I am recommending for all to use Lingoes as your computer dictionary, it will be easy when you don't know what the meaning of a word, you can simply press shift (or as configured) at the word, example: allegation

see, easy isn't it... If you are interested, you can click here....The same link as in:

And after that, for better words, install Oxford Dictionary for Lingoes...or what you desire to download...

I'd download Oxford and Longman...
Simple, Reliable, Give momentum....

Hacking tools

My system is almost ready for the JPA. Still in preparation. Yesterday, many asked me about how to get all information. Read the article below. It is a real story.

One story from my father, he said, if he want to make the examination paper for university, he must take into caution for several things. First, don't ever do that on a computer which is online because student can hack the data - already happened... Also, don't use the computer can be used by student even you will delete it...

Nowadays, you have to be caution when using internet, everyone can spy you... And the latest story is (also from my father) , people got into someone email that you know and said he was oversea and his passport was misplaced. He really needs money now and needs you to pay to his account. He use your friend's account to email you. Beware...

"Impossible is nothing", Zharif always wrote, "there are still possible in impossible"...

May 4, 2008

Change our attitude

Change our attitude...

Hardworking is a key to success and success is what matters in every goal. No hard work no glory. There are people who are intelligent but still they can't achieve their goals unless they work hard. They might have to work a little less than others but still hard working can change you destiny.

There's working hard and there's working "smart". It's important to be diligent, which is usually part of being hard-working.

It's not bad, however, to find a more efficient way to accomplish goals, involving less physical and/or mental labor but still getting the job done in a fashion at least as suitable.

The picture proves the cause why I never get an A1 in PSI except for SPM... I'm sorry Ustazah Noreidah, I'll never do this again... Regretful...

To all my friends, change our attitude into positive..Remember the senator's lecture, the story in the first group motivational camp.. Don't make Malaysia embarrass abroad.. Be punctual with time.. Also, don't be "a last miniters"...

Suddenly, after the talk, faqih and hafizi was laughing on a joke that only Perakian understand..

Aman - Da Vinci Tower, Dubai...

Suddenly, when I am writing the post, Aman send me some messages at YM.. Yuh, everyone know that Aman likes to ask interesting this and how that...

Aman Ismail: pernah tgok bgunan pusing2 tak?

Anas 1811codes_: x

Aman Ismail: ko try usha da vinci tower, dubai..
Aman Ismail: semattt
Anas 1811codes_: ok...
Aman Ismail: twer 2 setiap tingkat bleh puseng..,gune solar n windmill..

Aman Ismail: tp problem die susah nak psg circuit elektrik

Aman Ismail: satu lg.. klu kt berak kt sn, cmne kt nak tau bhn kumbhan kt 2 tak masuk kt bilik orang bwh..??

Aman Ismail: pening den

Who get the solution for this??

May 1, 2008

Mr Ch'ng: People will never remember number TWO!

25 April was a sorrow day, after all, Mr ch'ng retired.
2 years of working under the advice of him in the solar car team KISAS, a lot of thing I gained.
How to work with professionalism, smart and keep moving forward.

Please keep this in your mind...

"People will never remember number TWO.
People only remember number ONE...

Who is the second golf master???
Don't know, right..."

Story of Final Solar Car Comp. in Terengganu...
2006 Car - designed by Anas n Yusuff As-Siddique
2007 Car - designed by Anas n Aiman AB, plus Aqil Kamaruddin
After all the sweat and toils, we managed to get number three national level.
But, of course, the way of losing is something unacceptable.
There are only two tracks, 6 cars, and during the FINAL, we were in the first position, so we were racing with the second.
But, the poor system, man parallax error, the number 3 and 4 race got number one and two, and we only got number three.
Could you see?? The different is only 0.++second, but we can see their car is slower...

When I came to Mr Ch'ng and tell this, he started saying about injustice...
The system was bad...He started to count the probability of racing on the tracks..

The story of Mr Ch'ng and certificates

I only got the certificate after all the scholarship interview was over..
When I came to Mr Ch'ng, he said,

"This people didn't work well. Poor! They should know if their children wants to apply for scholarship, they should need it...They didn't think of others.."