Feb 20, 2010

OMGPOP - The best multiplayer games

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I have never thought OMGPOP has become a madness that waste a lot of times. They have great games, though. Here, I am not promoting this game, so that I will not be blamed for bringing you into madness, however, I will introduce some games in OMGPOP:

1. Letterblox (Rating: 4/5)

Learn urself to be less dumb. From a given 6 letters, you have to combine the letters to make as many words as you can. Find rare words and 6 letter words to get extra points. Press space when you are stuck to reshuffle the words.

2. Draw My Thing (Rating: 5/5)

It's the drawing game! You draw, and the other players guess for your drawing. Then, they draw and you guess. A very good game for creativity. Guess the very unique drawing of a different people worldwide.