Dec 24, 2008

myLot - Discuss anything while earning money

There are many ways to make money online, and some people still wonder how to gain money online. MyLot is an online discussion board where you will be paid for participating in the discussion. It is about anything, everything, that you wonders about, you can ask in the board. You can start your own threads, asking questions or explanation, reply to those already existing, or comments to others problems. From either way, you'll gain money.

Take a look at the snapshot:

I heard this from my friend, and when I participate in the discussion board, I found that money is not my priority in the discussion but to share knowledge and gain something from it.

This opportunity is great for those who have lot of idle or ample times which can be used to share knowledge.

For those who just taking SPM, or have a long holiday, it's also best for you because you can start writing in English and improve your language.

Some of the tips from me is:

-Start new discussions, don't only reply to others
-Don't post a short message like one line message, try to write at least 2 or 3 lines
-Be as descriptive as possible (this is mentioned in every discussion in myLot)
-Avoid grammatical errors and abbreviations
-Don't skip the tag step (you'll asked to tag your post when posting)
-Be polite, great others with names
-Post quality stuff

You'll gain money from your post (maybe only 0.01 USD for a post), and if it is rated positive, you'll gain higher (maybe doubled), and if you are marked as best response, you'll gain even higher (maybe 5 times more). Now, you're on your way to share, gain knowledge and also gain money. Happy Holiday, Happy Go Lucky, Happy myLotting!

Let's go to myLot - click here

If you found the website negative/unreliable/bad, please report.


  1. wat is diz?
    xphm even a single word..

  2. ini ialah cara untuk dpt duit online.
    masuk dlm website tu, register, pastu, ble discuss, akan dapat duit. setiap post akan menambah duit, post yg lebih berkualiti akan tambah lagi duit.

  3. err.. tp leh dpt duit btl2 ke??
    cmne tu...?

  4. yg website ni aku xpnh dpt agi. dan aku kurang guna lagi.
    tp ade je pengakuan dlm tuh.
    yg ni ikut paypal. discuss je sambil2.


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