Aug 31, 2009


31 August: 1Malaysia celebrates the 52nd National Independence Day.

31 August: We have to take independence to our heart. We should be independence physically and mentally as well as spiritually. Our ancestors had fought for the independence, and what do we do to continue their mission. Do the mission accomplished?

31 August: When our country gained Independence, and now we live a better life, are we here to stay do nothing? Think again. We are still left behind. If we are the one who fight for Independence, I'm sure we hope our future generation do the best for the country and not taking things for granted.

31 August: Our mission haven't completed:

31 August: My flight to Canada. Pray a safe journey. Happy Independence Day, Happy 1Malaysia!

Aug 29, 2009 - Download Free E-Books

Yesterday, a new free-e-books website relaunched. It is called 1freeebooks - The 1 source that is FREE, FAST and FREQUENTLY updated. hosts files with dropbox which is known for it is easy sync storage and sharing files.

At, you can find a lot of free e-books. From the diagnostic of the sites, most people liked to download Google Adsense e-books and Forex e-books. shares a lot of quality adsense e-books that would guide you in making money online.

Other free ebooks categories are chess e-books, literature e-books, mind tweaking e-books, literature e-books, internet marketing e-books, e-bay e-books, programming e-books etc. Again, everything is free!

Become a follower of now! Grab your free ebooks for free as fast as lightning! If your desired ebooks are not in the site, feel free to request by clicking request on the navigation bar. You'll get your requested ebooks directly from your e-mail if your ebooks are available.

Visit Download Free E-Books

Aug 28, 2009

Mobile Phone Chess Clock

Are you searching for analog or digital chess clock? Tired of waiting while playing with your deep thinking brother? Now, you can have it for free. You can also train yourself according to certain timing.

Previously I have posted on Chess Clock for Free basically for Windows. This want is great, but you will need to your laptop bring everywhere you want to play chess.

These applications works with all cell phones with java. Just download the file to your PC, unzip and send to .jar file to your phone using bluetooth, infrared or USB cable.

1 - MobileChessClock

MobileChessClock is released in 2005 by Tomas Hubalek [Hubalek]. MobileChessClock can set different time for two different players. Only button number 6 is used to switch between players, but the sound when switching mimics real sound when pressing the real analog chess clock! I prefer MobileChessClock than ChessGoClock. Free!

2 - ChessGoClock

ChessGoClock is released by in February 2006. The difference with MobileChessClock is ChessGoClock has Fisher timer set up and it is easier to set up time. Time can only be set up once, same for both players, however, switching players in this application is much better, where one player use the left side button, while the other player use the right side button. But, no sound! Also free.

Download links

Download Mobile ChessClock [link]

Download ChessGoClock [link]

Aug 26, 2009

Add Label Cloud in 10 seconds

Now, you can add label cloud to your blog in 10 seconds (depending on internet speed connection also). You don't need to copy any javascript and paste into your html code.

What you have to do is to go to Layout > Add a Gadget > Label

Then, you have the choice to choose list view or cloud view. Check the cloud view button. You've successfully added label cloud in 10 seconds!

You can customize, and the best of its features is you can choose which labels to display.

Aug 25, 2009

If popular websites are people...

Elontirien, a comic artist, on deviantART, illustrated popular websites as different types of people. Through several criticism, you can analyze why Elontirien portray them in such ways.

Facebook with cool thumb up, Twitter as a small kid, Myspace with a headphone, Wikipedia as a specky kid, DeviantART as a girl, Youtube with emotional action, and Google as a nerd.

An artist commented this picture as "Internet University", where all the students and faculty are personified famous websites.

Do the pictures portray the famous websites? What say you?

Elontirien [via DeviantART]

Aug 24, 2009

Yahoo! Messenger 10 BETA released

Yahoo! just introduced the new Yahoo! Messenger 10 BETA with new features that could make social networking better. This new 10th edition includes better 1:1 video conference quality, Y! Updates of your contact list and new icons in the instant messaging windows.

Using your webcam, you can now make a high quality full screen video calling with better voices.

You can also view Y! Updates of your contact list, from their status message, what they linked to, connected to, and also get status from twitter and blog updates. Yahoo! Messenger tries to compete with other social networking like facebook and twitter.

Yahoo! also changes slightly the icons and styles in the instant messaging windows. You can see more detailed on the features via the link below and you can download Yahoo! Messenger 10 via [link]

Introducing Yahoo! Messenger 10 Beta [Ymessengerblog]

Dropbox - The simplest, most elegant file-sync tool ever

This is an update of the previous post Dropbox - Syncs, back-up, share files easily! [Anasfaris].

"The simplest, most elegant file-sync tool ever" quoted from PC Magazine. With the latest version of Dropbox 0.6.550 for windows, dropbox tries the best to upgrade its features.

With dropbox, you never have to e-mail yourself a file again, keep files syncs between computer, and share files easily with others.

One more feature that I found interesting is the Shared folder. Using dropbox, you can create a shared folder and invite anyone using dropbox to the folder. You can transfer pictures to your friends like you transfer pictures to his thumb drive without having to be in the same place. Most amazingly, the transfer was really fast. You and your friends can also collaborate files that your group want to edit.

Last but not least, you will get a 2GB of storage for free, with up to 100GB available to paying customers. However, if you still want more with free storage, you can get extra spaces by referring. By referring to your friends, both you and your friend will get extra 250MB space. You can have up to 3GB bonus space!

I'm referring dropbox to you, thus I and you will earn 250 MB of extra space.
Get dropbox with 250MB extra space now [here]

Aug 21, 2009

Inspiring and Generating Opportunity (I-Gop)

A group of five members, all ICPU graduates 2009, successfully organized a program called Inspiring and Generating Opportunity (I-Gop) in SBPI Gopeng. This program aimed to prepare students to face life after SPM, not only by giving interview tips, but also developing a first-class mind in facing global challenges. These are some of the snapshots captured throughout the program.

[Click image to enlarge]

Aug 19, 2009

Fast Dial - A Must-have Firefox Extension

Get faster to your favorite website, that's what Fast Dial Firefox Extension can make for you. You can make a bookmark through your browser bookmark, but Fast Dial prepares you with thumbnails that makes the appearance better and appealing.

You can choose to open the web on the current tab, new tab or background tab. I like to use the background tab as the website will be loaded at the background tab while I can select another website.

In addition, you can also change the theme of your Fast Dial for better appearance, just download the theme which is compiled zip folder from this site []. You don't need to unzip as you can just right click > preference > import and you import the zip file.

Download Fast Dial [link]

Aug 18, 2009

Best Places to Find Blogger Templates

Looking for a new, fantastic blogger templates? There are a lot of blogger templates on the internet that you can search with Mr. Google but here I shortlist the most often I refer when I am to search for a new blogger templates.

BloggerStyles - This website updates new blogger templates very often and it divides into three groups: Gold Template, Silver Template and Bronze Template.

WP Blogger Themes - The blog looks simple, but it contents fantastic blogger templates converted from wordpress. Some of them could not be found from other sites.

Falconhive - A new quality templates resource for Blogger. It contains lots of beautiful Blogger templates converted from Wordpress themes.

eblogtemplates - One of the largest free blog template provider sharing top-notch blog designs. Their blogging community scours the web looking for the best free blog templates and compiles them here.

ThemeLib - Contains lots of beautiful themes that have been converted to Blogger from WP, including the most popular theme called Arthemia.

All in all, Blogger Buster, the blog which is known as the best blog about blogging, has just posted 101 Awesome Free Blogger Templates a week ago. A lot of awesome blogger templates there!

Aug 17, 2009

Ramadhan Wallpaper

We are near to Ramadhan, the fasting month in Islam. All of us have to be prepared by taking the opportunity of this month to change. If we are sincere in our job with God, the change will be eternity. Ramadhan can build an great atmosphere, or in arabic, we call 'biah solehah'.

These are some of the great Ramadhan wallpapers that you are recommended to Set as your background wallpaper.

Ya Allah, make us reach Ramadhan

Remembrance Al-Badr War - A war that occurs in the month of Ramadhan

Fasting does not actually bring our energy down, but in fact, it is a good process of matabolism in the body, as well mentally teaches how hardness and patience can lead to success.

In this holy month of Ramadhan, Allah has gifted us with "The night of a thousand night'. Will we meet with it this year?

Download original size of pictures
001 Ramadhan
002 Badr
003 Lailatul Qadr

Aug 16, 2009

Icpu Today

Icpu Today is now everywhere!

Firstly, for who don't have any idea of what Icpu Today is, Icpu Today is a community of ex International Canadian Pre-University Taylor's College, mainly Class of 2008-2009. Our mission is not for us only, but for brainstorming our ideas to the world. Everyone can join if they want. You can be part of us too. Visit now!

Icpu Today Banner

Icpu Today Blog Banner


Copy html code below and paste into your blog to promote IcpuToday

Icpu Today on Facebook

Icpu Today on Facebook

Icpu Today on Twitter

Aug 11, 2009

Google Search Sandbox - Faster and higher accuracy

The fight between two large companies never end. This is very good for us, the users, as faster development in web technologies will be made. We have to contribute to the technologies as well. Who knows we will be opening company like this one day.

Through Google rapid service updates, Microsoft is somehow left behind in internet services. At the corporate level, Microsoft and Yahoo have agreed on a search and advertising partnership, potentially raising their joint search share to 25 percent of the market. What users will notice, however, is Yahoo switching to Bing's search engine. Microsoft Bing has make some advancement in the search engine. Read 10 Bing Search Features for Better Search. Suprisingly, Bing search is lightening fast – seems faster than Google.

Now, google has comeback to the search engine lab and in progress of developing a secret project: a next-generation architecture for Google's web search. Google search will push the envelope on size, indexing speed, accuracy, comprehensiveness and other dimensions.

You should try out the new google search here! It's faster and the result is more accurate (a power searcher will notice this).

Help Test Some Next Generation Infrastructure

Aug 8, 2009

Software Release Cycle

Firefox 3.6 Alpha 1, Mozilla Thunderbird 3.0 Beta 3, Windows 7 Release Candidate (RC) Version, and Firefox 3.5.2 Stable Version. You have heard so many terms before.

This is the software release life cycle which describes the stability and development of software before final release.


Script on abstract idea, coding starts, changes to functions are being made until a working draft is created


Delivered to software testers, more to organization or community that develops the software

Beta (b)

First version released outside the developers organization for evaluation or real-world testing purpose. It includes all features, but may also include bugs and known issues

Release Candidate (RC)

Code complete, potential to be final product, ready to release unless fatal bugs emerge.

Final/Stable Release

Last stage, script is complete and finished. often referred as version 1.0 with any future updates making that number go up.

Software Release Cycle [Explainstuff]

Aug 7, 2009

Icpu Today Poster

Currently I'm working on commercializing IcpuToday. So, this blog will be on hold.
Icpu Today poster, download now!

Aug 2, 2009

TwitterFox - Firefox Extension for Twitter

TwitterFox notifies you of your friends' tweets on Twitter. You will never miss any of your friends updates when you have TwitterFox.

You can now easily update your tweets and been notified when your friends update their tweets from a tiny icon on the status bar.

Download TwiterFox
If you have twitter, you should also follow me on twitter here.

Weird but True

Weird but True - More people these days believe in gossips and the media than what has been written in the Holy Quran. The Quran is from the God, the truth that is undeniable.

Think about it!