Apr 12, 2010

Equations of Success: Success in Relations

After we went through success within us, now let us move on to success with others.

B. Success in Relations
Success isn't that hard

1. Define your roles in life

You have to define the roles that you hold in your life. You will have a family, friends, organization, community, teammates, house mates, and most importantly, Creator. Remember, as in the previous equation (the formula of success within us), we are responsible for what we have control of. Thus, we have to play our prominent role in order to do the best to fulfill our responsibilities in this groups.

Apr 1, 2010

Equations of Success: Success Within You

Success can be defined as the balance of spirit, mind, emotions, and body. The performance indicator of success is high performance in self, relations, production, and hereafter.

A. Success Within You

1. Responsible for whatever happen to you

We are responsible for whatever happen to us, to say,  whatever happen to us is whatever we have control of. We will not be judged for what we don't have control of, therefore are not responsible for that. However, most people regret on what they don't have control of. For example, if we are created for some reason, not so good-looking, it is fair to say that it is something that cannot be changed, there's no point to regret. Or, something that happen to us, such as fate or 'takdir'. We are out of control of this. In addition, when people regret, they usually try to blame others although they are responsible for whatever they do.

2. Know your strengths and weaknesses

Research shows that the highest increment that a person can have in strength is 20%, to prove, that if a person is really weak in some particular aspects, the highest he or she can go is the average. However, it is not to say that there will have no chance at all to become outstanding. Thus, to overcome our weakness, one of the best solutions is to surround and mingle yourself with those who are strong in the areas of your weakness.