Jul 24, 2008

I've to reach the Top 25 standard in the World!

The cut-off point wouldn't really a big deal.

I've been in the ICPU for almost a month! Mr Wise had shared many things with us - in English 3U lesson. Learning media is a very interesting thing, yet very exciting even in a fidget mode. He was very serious.

"If you always do what you did, you will always get what you got... If you don't change, you'll be the same forever," Mr Stephen Wise said.

"University of Toronto is the top 25th University in the world. You have to raise up your standard to the top 25 in the world," from the other speech of his.

"If you come that university, you will be in the bottom, if you don't progress."

Picture of Niagara Fall

"Don't waste your time playing games, chatting!, or all the trush things," and again he said.

He said to be in top university in Canada, is to be in that top standard. You are competing with the world.

Then, the cut-off point of 80 wouldn't really be a big deal then.

In media, we learnt about the truth democracy, the concern and everything. He also recommended reading at least a book in a month, and at least a media/journalist article a day, good media channel, like http://www.iht.com, www.nytimes.com

Meanwhile, next week, we'll have Chemistry test. That's too early test.

And, also, the presentation of Quadratic Function in the morning. I was bubbling around on the application, but it is really attractive presentation, though breaking the time rules, and talking nonsense.

Learning Java is great, this is some of the codes:

System.out.println("You will have a very wonderful life in ICPU, and we have prepared you well, said Mr frank Meeger");

Snippets in the comment box.


  1. nothing is available at ease in this world..
    i know u know wat to do..
    -just three words for u

    strive for success...

  2. On syaima>>

    i think we still can simplify that three words into a word..
    and the word would be really meaningful..
    but, it may have to be discovered..
    because it is not only word...

  3. Snippet_24Jul

    **Proposal for main hall rejected
    **Let's democracy!
    **New place to be discussed and finalized
    **Discussion should be opened for all
    **Let look more on international news
    **Quote today: "You waste your time, playing games, gambling, chatting..." Mr Wise

  4. hmm...

    UofT 25 top university in the world eh??

    Well then, i will aim for that!

    LEt's go to TORONTO!!

    p/s: aku mmg dh aim toronto lagi..b4 ak step to taylor. sbb ada member kata kat toronto tu bnyk org arab, masjid n community islam. n some more, haritu jumpe mr. adnan, dia kata, kat canada nt bleh amik b.arab.n dikira as subjek... waaahh..tak sangke tol...i can't wait for that..so let's strive n struggle..yeahh..

    aku idam nak cakap arab kat canada...hua2...kat sini..baru jumpe sorang..tapi bleh ckp benda simple2 jek..sbb payah..T_T

  5. hoho....we r in diff world rite now...no more teacher to spoonfeed us...everything must be done by urself!!thats why i'm so busy in KBU rite now...so many assignments n homework..especially my IELTS..every day i got new hw the class is 4 days per week..can u imagine...i got 4 hw to be done during weekend just for one SUBJECT...plus other subject...alomost blow up my mind..huk33....

    nway all da best to be in the rank of top 25 in the world!!!ganbatte!!!

  6. nothing else 2 say..

    study, study, study, study n study..

  7. huhu...bgus ade lecturer cm2...
    mst beskn...
    byk ilmu dpt insyaAllah...
    doakn sahabat2 sekali ye/
    dan kongsila ilmu bebanyak...

  8. to anas>>
    oh ya? what's the word then?

  9. On everjihad>>

    it's not about arabic.
    but the fact that Toronto is the most diversed cultures in the world.
    yuh, gud luck.
    don't be like me.
    wasting time.

  10. On liyana>>

    I'm taking IELTS too..
    hw, mls nk cter..
    anyway, lme xdgr news on KBU...
    really needs some info...

  11. On sahabat>>

    ko pun kongsi gakla ilmu.
    sbb ilmu xhilang mcm duit klu kita bg kt org..

    On syaima>>

    huhu...next tyme la...

  12. salam.

    i was bloghoppin and came across your blog.

    tho i am a medical student, i've only heard good things about Toronto..

    akak ada kawan juga kat taylor dulu. kiranya, he was your senior kat taylor lah.. yang bakal nak fly bulan 8 ni,ensyaAllah..

    tapi, akak dah lama sangat tak dengar khabar dia, yang akak tahu dulu-dulu, dia memang nak sangat pergi Toronto, dan alhamdulillah, each semester dia dapat 90 and above.. [dia sangat2 rajin. I really wish I could be as hardworking as my friend. dia takkan balik dari taylor’s college tu selagi tak siapkan assignments dia, kalau sampai lewat malam, sampai lewat malam lah .. ]

    akak doa sangat, dia dapat lah gi Toronto yang dia idam2 kan tu, the same goes to you , enshaAllah (:

    dan sorang lagi kawan baik akak, alhamdulillah, dapat offer ke Ottawa and he did managed to get 90 (if I am not mistaken) for his cut-off point, so i am wishing you all the best for your study and life. enshaAllah.semoga dipermudahkan jalan menutut ilmu.

    *doakan kami di sini - fatrah exam sekarang ni.

    Salam dari Jordan.

  13. On Kak Nurul>>

    Syukran atas nasihat, informasi.
    May Allah bless you.
    I'll do my best - to surpass the standard.
    mmg kalau nak gi toronto, cut-off kne lebih 90.dh tau dh. need a very hard-work.
    thnx again.

  14. Actually University of Toronto was ranked in the 45th place overall and 12th in engineering which means no.1 engineering in Canada. This is based on 2007 Times Higher Education.

    Frankly speaking, to go to any of the core engineering courses, mechanical electrical civil chemical and etc required you at least 85%, even if your average below than that, you can still be accepted. Except for engineering science you need to get 90 and above. To be safe, 92% for engineering science.

    The higher the marks the better you are. And another thing is, please make sure that your marks are high in the first semester because they will give the offer based on first semester final marks and mid semester marks for second semester.

    InsyaALLAH you can go to Toronto because ICPU is not that damn hard compare to SAM and A-LEVEL. The only thing is, don't be lazy. That's all. Good luck. Salam

    - from someone who is going to Toronto. (your senior)

  15. On anonymous>>

    Thnx for da comment.
    A very inspiring and developing one.
    The rankth was shown by Mr Wise in the class, where starting at that point, he repeatedly said the same things, "You have to achieve 25 standard."
    I think it was the older rankth or not from the 2007 Times Higher Education rankth.
    But, the most important part is, you really have made it, and it is not impossible to achieve.
    Thanx again.
    I'll do my best!

  16. wah...
    komen anoni tu mmg buat aku betul terangsang..

    cukup teruja!

    anas!! LEt's go to Toronto!!


    betul r kate ko..truth inspiration..siyess seh..

    so, what shud we do now is, participate in class. talk to the lec, check bb7 everyday. do the best for every assignment, presentation, quizes and test. tu je r key dier..mmg betol r kene workhard. xde cara len dah..

    ak rs, skang ni, sume level sme jek. yg advantage is kat sape yg ade more knowledge n sape yg usaha dier dapat r. bak kata pepatah arab..man jadda wajada, wa man zaro'a hasoda..

    che wah..berfalsafah arab plak aku..hua3...

    hmm..xpe2..setahun je kan..kejap je kan..pejam celik tetiba esok da nak fly..hohoho...

    cuma, sakit sikit la skg..
    yeah..work hard, work smart..

  17. Maybe your lecturer was referring to the 2006 ranking in which University of Toronto falls on the 27th spot. Actually McGill University and University of British Columbia are among the top universities with Toronto.

    Maybe it will be a great boost to have your aim right now. Whatever it is, perform for your first semester. Wait for January next year for the universities applications. Mr. Frank Meagher will help you and people from Canadian Education Centre will be helping you a lot.

    Whatever it is, I'm not yet in Toronto. Hope that I can tell you soon how it looks like and the environment there.

    Another thing is, if you damn genius, then try to strive for 95 and above. Please don't transgress your limit. The top scorer for my batch was 97 and he was an engineering student. The reason why you must get 95 is simply easy. The universities will reward you with money and it is quite a lot. You will know it later. I think enough for now. Good luck in ICPU.

  18. to anoni,
    nak tanye,
    ramai ke dak taylor gi toronto,
    espcially muslim?

    hmm..if that so, i will aim for 100%.. Nothing is imposiible in this world.I know if in my condition right now, it's quite a tough n hard part..and the very first place could be, to UNDERSTAND the class.

    i will work hard for it. I will realise it. Nothing is impossible rite. yet, i know i'm quite ambitious person. But y not, 100%? at least if we can't touch the sky, we still can touch the cloud..at least if not 100% , 99% pun jadi la...^_

    anything it is, time is precious. need to organize, n use wisely. but to be inspired is important part though. i will still aim for UofT. as that was the first one i heard, that will be my aim.

    to anoni,
    i will make a promise to myself..
    c u there in toronto next year!
    Insya Allah.

    Be Prepared!
    Endeavour and Perform.

  19. On anonymous>>

    Very good point.
    Good luck in Toronto.
    If you have some tips on study in ICPU, let me know. I would be glad to hear.

    I'll try to get 98. Although almost impossible.

    Thanks again and again.

  20. On everjihad>>

    Let see.
    If you can keep it.
    But, I do hope so.
    So I do hope.
    Anticipate changes.
    Let see, if I can only get 98 when you get 100.

  21. the person who got 97 got 10000 cad from hgh comissioner of canada for being the top student.
    p/s:money shud never be ur aim, tp leh kot jdikan motivater.heh.
    anoni, anda icpu batch daku.n tak rmi g toront.siapakah gerangan?

  22. On amki>>

    tu la, i thought that u know him.
    but, thnx for all the seniors.
    10000, approx. equal to 32000 malaysian ringgit.Huh!

  23. hmm..itula pasal..anoni tu..gi toronto ek..UofT ke??

    hmm..ade gak r kenal sorang dua dak taylor melayu y gi toronto..

    hua2...anoni y misteri..
    takpe2, soon or later we will know. =D

    wah siyess ke, bleh dpt 10000?

    itu kalau dpt 97 yg kat taylor ni ke??? will get 10000? perghh...3200 msia ringgit?? wahh..cukup r kalo nak beli laptop..

    yup2..shouldnt be the main of our aim. but that one could be as inspiration...Really!

    actually, i hate those people that like to mengeluh and always said,, "stress!!" i hate it..i just hope in everything i do, no matter how tough is it, i'm the one that enjoy it. this is what i want. this is the path that i need to go through. so just accept it and i love to challenge myself.

    Life without challenge isn't great. Don't you think so, Anas? ^_^

    Love challenges!

  24. On everjihad>>

    OO, jd tmpt ko pulak ek comment box ni..haha...

    nnt aku sediakn space tuk comment ko jerk..

    Yela, challenge is great..
    but what makes yo greater are both failure and triumph..haha

    ntah ape aku ckp nih...

  25. Snippet_29Jul

    **Reu in a big, big trouble
    **Fabrication is everwhere nowadays
    **The WNC programme - I met ex-KISASian who graduated from UK, and who still there
    **Today is Chem #1 Test, pray for us!
    **I will make decision to resign before 1st of August

  26. insyaAllah..
    we can do it!!
    all the best to u anas...

  27. not the reunion is in big trouble..
    but me... ~_~

  28. On ain>>

    2u2 for the next, and future..

    On syaima>>

    ooohh...then, you have to face it..

  29. ehhe..anas..kalo aku da start bg komen, ko jgn kira kepanjangan..aku ikut sedap mulut and akan sental sesedap rase..

    dah jd tempat lepak utk melepaskan perasaan lak kat sini..hua2..biase ak melampiaskan segala rasa kat blog ak.. nasib r blog ko jadi mangsa..

    hua..anas!!! Aku dah terasa ICPU da makin mencengkam aku..!
    Bertimbun keje owh!
    sume due date same! 4 August aku kene hantar 4 ESEI. satu tesis lagi 2 minggu. pasal renaissance..tajuk dier "was renaissance a revolutionary period in time? "

    Ya Allah..
    aku tak tau r ape ak da buat..terasa mcm byk buang masa. tp in the same time, tryng to work on it..hua2..walau byk keje still xbleh lepaskan nafsu nak blog n singgah blog org..

    pe2 pun, this week really getting me tighter..

    ape yg ak ckp sblum ni , terasa terawang2 jek skg, bila dh byk keje menekan mcm ni.huaa..

    can i realize that those BIG DREAM?

    i know i dont want those word a crap. i know nothing is impossible in this world. just like sheikh muzaffar quote (haha...tgh cuba mgamalkan avoiding plagiarism..sume bnd kene quote!)

    like he said,

    but then, terase mcm..terbawak ke aku?

    dgn ketidak pahaman nye ape lec ckp dlm kelas. ape dorang merapu dlm kelas, aku paham habuk je. dgn bundle of fact, pasal worl history and world issue yang aku rase mcm org plg jumud, yang tak tau ape2...

    at this stage,seems like ICPU is punching on me...


  30. make sure ur essay is 25 ranked in the world!!

    and stop reading trash!!

    those r my fav lines!!

    and one more..



  31. wahahah!!

    Very awk language.

    Participate in class!

    Only 2 of you know how to write an essay.


    Me? R...

  32. ak ade 1 soklan....
    klu amek a-lvl...
    susah x nk msuk UofT?
    i mean,
    which one is easier 4 the addmission of top uni in canada?
    ICPU or A-Level????
    n, if a-lvl, how much a's n percentage 4 da addmission of UofT?

  33. On siapakah aku.ya?>>

    aku xtau psl a-lvl..
    yg aku tau icpu...
    klu nk toronto must lebih 91/92/90, then almost confirm dpt..
    so, org yg nk hny perlu lps point tuh...
    but a-level dpnds la..
    icpu lak sethun je...
    i'll try to find out lter..

  34. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  35. oooo...
    if anybody else yg nk gtau n share info,
    bleh laaaa..

  36. On siapakah aku, ha?>>

    ok, we'll welcome everyone who want to give opinions...


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