Aug 17, 2009

Ramadhan Wallpaper

We are near to Ramadhan, the fasting month in Islam. All of us have to be prepared by taking the opportunity of this month to change. If we are sincere in our job with God, the change will be eternity. Ramadhan can build an great atmosphere, or in arabic, we call 'biah solehah'.

These are some of the great Ramadhan wallpapers that you are recommended to Set as your background wallpaper.

Ya Allah, make us reach Ramadhan

Remembrance Al-Badr War - A war that occurs in the month of Ramadhan

Fasting does not actually bring our energy down, but in fact, it is a good process of matabolism in the body, as well mentally teaches how hardness and patience can lead to success.

In this holy month of Ramadhan, Allah has gifted us with "The night of a thousand night'. Will we meet with it this year?

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001 Ramadhan
002 Badr
003 Lailatul Qadr


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