Aug 29, 2008

The Council

"Vote for me!" - "Vote for me!"

In their hands are cookies, foods.

Looking on the poster - get to see me and I'll give you the cookies.

This was what had happened to the ICPU council campaign.

In my point of view, the cookies, food represent money. We don't get the benefits of voting them other than getting free cookies. Wow, that's great.

I think they have to check the problems suffered by ICPU students.

The bus schedule are terribly organized, there are lack of event, the ICPU students don't have time to have fun together, mingling around together. A question might arises from here. The bus? It is out of our ability to solve that kind problem. Then, why don't you say that we want to have everyday interaction with the programme director, sponsorship unit, and bus supervisor. If problems goes on, maybe we should vote for no-confidence. Maybe by-election will be held.

But, the conclusion is, the council was not a big deal. There are nothing much to do with the ICPU. We have our routine everyday. It's fair enough, fun enough. But, they can still think if they want.

Aug 22, 2008

10000 Canadian Dollar


High commissioner of Canada awards excellent student who get very high percentage in ICPU. Last year, a student who got 97 got the reward. 97 is almost impossible to get, but achievable.

Thus, why don't we push ourselves into the condition.
Impossible is nothing.

Conclusion: This theory can be applied for every situation. Be ambitious from now!
But remember! : You may dream, but don't make dream your aim.

**Actually, this post is just to declare a new blackboard for ICPU-an. Blackboard9 is closing, and we have changed to blackboard7. You can download icpu ScoreBook there. This can manage your mark better.

Aug 18, 2008

Maxis vs Hotlink

This post is Malay version to keep the genuineness of the story although partially edited - because of the limitation of mankind.

**Lupa lak nak bagitau kejadian ini berlaku dalam KTM.

"Adik sekarang guna apa ye? Sebab akak ada promosi maxis ni."


"Celcom la"


"Celcom mahal la dik. Ni maxis lagi murah."
Dia pun menunjukkan buku iklannya. Rupanya dia seorang customer service maxis. Patut pun.


"Tapi akak, kitorang guna Universiti Pack, lagi murah."
"Mana, akak nak tengok."
Tanpa menengok. Dia pun membuka buka iklannya sekali lagi.
"Cuba adik bandingkan, beza antara dua ni. Satu 38sen/min, dan satu lagi 12sen/min."
Saya cubala mengintai, hebat betul! Rupa-rupanya yang 38sen tu ialah hotlink. Dan 12sen itu ialah maxis.


"Ooo, hotlink dengan maxis lain ye akak?"


"Haah lain."
"Hotlink ni benda lain under maxis. Akak jual maxis je"


"Saya rasa maxis, satu je - kalau dia buat cam celcom, saya pun beli - Universiti Pack, murah wo."


"Tapi, maxis ni 12sen/min."
Saya cuba mengintai2 lagi. Oh, benar, 12min/min tapi ke maxis sahaja la. Dan postpaid.


Saya pun mengeluarkan peket Universiti Pack Celcom - 15sen/min kepada sesiapa...
Akak tu pun membelek2 starter pack lalu terdiam.
Saya tidak tahu mengapa.


Kesimpulan cerita saya, hari ni baru saya tau maxis dan hotlink tidak sekali. Walaupun sama, tapi tak serupa. Maxis murah, hotlink mahal - tu apa yang akak tu cakap - bukan saya cakap. Fullstop.

Aug 8, 2008

Sarcastic and Sarcasm...

adj. showing or expressing sarcasm.

n. a way of using words that are the opposite of what you mean in order to be unpleasant to sb or to make fun of them.

I learnt many literary devices and one of it is irony which most often known as sarcastic irony. It came out during the English Test -- which makes people thinking of suicide -- haha. 'Hambar sungguh cerita pasal test ini.'

Really fun to use this word.

You can read article on sarcastic at

That article is about how the brain comprehends sarcastic -- a health articles. Also do refer to the picture above.

But, most important, I want to share a movie -- The Onion: Report - 70 Percent of All Praise Sarcastic -- Imagine that! How often people have done sarcastic to you.

Aug 5, 2008

Java, java and java

Java, java and java. Why don't you give it a try. That's what we learn everyday in computer class. Salman is a good student, who always did programming fast. The same goes to Helmi, Muhammad Thaqif and Amiruddin. Among all, Ong Shang Khoon will be called if there only limited time, because Mr Hiung view him as a very good student. And, also Prasshant. Aye Thun progress better from day to day. Farah and Farihin are two malays girls, in the beginning, always been asked questions. Tey Pok Lin... No comment.

Other students - There are all great! - Anderson, Chung Nian Yi, Goh Xin Ying, Joshua, Juzer, Lim Shao Xian, Liong Siew Chek, Muzammil, Stephen, Zaw Linn Naung.
I have listed all my classmates. That's not bad.

Tomorrow is the java lab assignment. Students are to answer the question, and can refer to any resource except discussing or chatting with friends.

I have made note below for me and some who knew this blog to refer tomorrow.

Before that, let me try to recall important things:

** Use correct data types
** Use correct variables
** Use str for String
** Make the program readable
** \\Write comments (2marks)
** constant, CAPITAL_LETTER
** Class name - begin with Capital letter



import MyInput;
public class CalculateSquareRoot {
public static void main(String[] args) {

//read the integer from the user
System.out.println("Please enter an integer: ");
double num = MyInput.readDouble();

//compute the square root of this integer
double squareRoot = Math.sqrt(num);

//display the output on the screen
System.out.println("The square root of " + num + " is +/- " + squareRoot);


final double PI = Math.PI;

//read the radius from the user
String str = JOptionPane.showInputDialog(null, "Please enter the radius: ",
"First Radius Input",
double radius = Double.parseDouble(str);

//compute the area of a circle
double area = Math.pow(radius,2) * PI;

//display the answer on the screen
JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(null, "The radius is " + radius + " \nThe area is: " +
area, "Area Result",

System.exit(0); //terminate program normally


final double PI = Math.PI;

//read the radius from the user
System.out.println("Please enter the radius: ");
double radius = MyInput.readDouble();

//compute the area of a circle
double area = PI * Math.pow(radius,2);

//display the answer on the screen
System.out.println("The radius is " + radius);
System.out.println("The area is " + area);

Aug 1, 2008

Gen52 - Amanah Raya Scholarship to Al-Azhar

[Taking picture with Najib...]

All KISASian stayers, plus STAM of year 2007 and 2008, but 2, are going to pursue Islamic Studies in University Al-Azhar under full sponsorship of Amanah Raya.

The STAM still goes on, with Izzat Naqib and Syazwan Mohd.

A meaningful, memorable picture. I know all KISASian knows who are in the picture - with Najib. But, they appear under the topic "Bawa Tuduhan Liwat ke Permatang Pauh".