Jul 28, 2008

I am getting wiser and wiser...

I am getting wiser and wiser, as I was taught by Mr Wise.

I got an R today. What do R really means. It was ashamed to reveal the meaning. Awkward!
My essay, what? We were discussing on essay problems. Hereby, I rewrite the notes.

Essay Problems

-get your facts straight, ex "the Philippines"
-number less than 100 must be written out, ex "thirty seven, not 37"
-avoid lame question, ex "do you know the history that lies behind the country"
-watch the placement of articles, ex "during (the) colonization"
-avoid unnecessary wordiness, ex "(there was a person named) Emilia"
-watch for run-on sentences, ex "Emilia was born in Manila, he completed his education...", should be [Manila. He] or [Manila and he]
-events in the past require a past tense, ex "his efforts contributed" when speaking of someone who is dead
-keep your paragraph together
-thesis statement is the last sentence in the first paragraph
-correct your spelling
-avoid the use of personal pronouns, ex use "one", not "you" or "I"
-avoid excessive use of transitional phrases
-plagiarism is the worst academic fault
-pronouns must refer back to antecedents

* sentence in red is unnecessary wordiness

There are many more which will be discussed this week. This post will be periodically updated.

The reason why list out this problems which has been discussed in class, is nonsense but I got an R. That's all. I hope this can be shared to all my friends, and visitors.

"Read at least a book a month, and an article a day, that's the only way I can suggest to you."

Snippets in the comment box.


  1. Snippet_29Jul

    Snippet is everything about news, information, quotes, or whatever messages that should be addressed to majority audience

    ** Mentality fitness is important
    ** The 24-Hours Carrot Management is a very awesome book for those who want to develop managing skills
    ** Most people ignore hearing others, most people do speculate others, most people manipulate others, and some do oppress
    ** Avoid plagiarism!
    ** Test Unit #1 Chemistry sat by ICPU students yesterday

  2. On izyan>>

    perhaps do I..
    huhu, pelik struktur ayat aku tuh...
    thnx for da support..haha...

  3. owh, thesis statement. i just learnt it today. wahahha..

    erm, like reading your blog. full of information although i'm a SAM student, still it applies in english subject. [especially this post]

    keep on posting! surely will read!


  4. On aqila aini>>

    oohh, gud learner,...
    gud visitor...,
    ingt dulu korg ni pakat pkiaq jenis ape blog aku nih...
    gud luck SAM!!

  5. kekekekeke.. kau juga kan yang cakap, blog ada banyak jenis...


    well, keep on posting ok.. especially post that relates to english or inspiring words from your lecturers..


  6. On aqila aini>>

    I am very proud to have Mr Wise as my lecturer..
    Eventhough, I will get fidget on my seat during his class, but the outcome was really unexpected...

  7. huhu ,,
    great post ,,
    ur essay probs r just da sme like other's ,,
    so i can apply them to my essays too ,, thanks anywy!!

  8. hohoho....jadi teacher jup ko..alahai....english ko yang power tu pun kene btulkan lagi..apetah lagi english ak yg suam2 kuku je nih..lagi byk correction...every week buat essay tapi tiap2 kali dapat kertas wrna merah lagi byk dari wrna biru...aduihh..malunye~~~tak cam ko..english bombastik!!!huuu~~~

    nway thanx for the infos~~~
    really meaningful student like us...huk33..adioss....

    nway..news bout KBU...hmm..nothing much bout it la...just a simple private college....but kat college ni la pelajar foundation(for JPA n YTM scholar) plg byk bkmpul utk thun ni....almost 150..bbnding college len yg most of em terima at most 60 students..ni info yg ak dpat dri lecturer mlysian study ak la...

    gtg...hw is waiting for me looo~~

  9. R, 1, 2, 3, 4...
    learn from failure..
    become a pure learner..
    damn chatting..haha...

  10. On chek Raiyhan>>

    it's not my essays problem,
    it's combination of several introductory paragraph problems from only five of us...including mine- the worst...

  11. On liyana>>

    don't say my English is good.
    You never know my English level..
    very bad..very awk english..

    On sahabat>>

    Thanx for da advice.
    Chatting is one of the biggest problem.Huhu.Donno how to solve, but I think it already resolved periodically.

  12. On takcoollah.zuhair>>

    yela, 4 a little bit near R.
    3 is nearly R.
    2 nearer to R.
    1 is the nearest to R.

    So, u must be at least level 3...hehe...

    it's okay zuhair.
    ajar la aku.
    bimbingla aku.

  13. what does the R stands for??

    brilliant, by the way.

  14. On thethoughts>>

    kantoila, aku gtau...
    klu L - Latihan
    dan P - percubaan
    so R - r....
    pkla sendiri..

  15. damn!
    i still didnt get it ,,
    what is R??
    Reerr ,,
    ROorr ,,
    hav no idea!

    ur essay is among da worst?
    i think ur english is quite good ,,
    if urs is already da worst,
    how bout mine? sucks!

  16. On chek raiyhan>>

    R means rear, or reverse.
    that's nearly truth.

    dont compare mine to you or anybody.
    i'm bad.
    not even entering the first level..
    huh, wat should be next..


  17. ni org rndah diri~
    humble and down-to-earth.

  18. ni yg mmbuatkn aku terasa insaf ni...kene blaja baik2 la lps ni...

    p/s: mcm mane la essay sifoo aku pn bole kene smpi cmtu skali...kalo aku, ntah cmne la..

  19. On hanif_m_noor>>

    kuatkan tekad dan keazaman...
    anda mampu mengubahnye...

  20. cam ayat iklan jerk..wakaka..
    kalo ko pon da dpt 'R' 4 ur english,,apetah lagi aku yg hanye berada di klas no. 4..huhu..even worse,,n myb the worst!!huhu..

  21. On izyan>>

    sume pakat guna ayat serupa je..
    aku malas nk komen da la..
    tp anyway, gud luck..
    gud luck again..
    and again gud luck..
    Inverse Parallel Structure??..

  22. things weren't meant to be just because you want it to be..
    efforts takes place in every step..
    so what are you waiting for?

  23. ak bru jek nak comment tp x jadik lak..he3 [keep smilling]^_^

  24. bdk ni kan...
    r la konon.. tapi group 7!!

  25. bnyknye org komen. tak terbaca ak. xde mase..

    haha..aku da jumpe da mr. WISE!!! mmg sgt wise r..

    huhu...actually, ade pgalaman silam ngn mr.wise in early days kat taylor..

    sejak tu ak takut nak jumpe dier..kalau terserempak or ternampak muke dier terasa mcm mengimbau mimpi ngeri..hoho..

    tak tau r plak name dier mr.wise. baru tau hari ni! walau mcm pernah dgr miss. natalie sbut.

    huhu...aku mintak dier proof-read ak nyer assignment research paper..

    mmg betol r. mcm dier komen ko.

    " in past 5o years young marriage..nowadays people get..."

    dier kate,..
    you can't write 50. you must write fifty.
    nowadays cant be use anymore.

    byk giler dier komen. satu page tu, byk kena potong. satu ayat kalo xde salah tu mcm tak sah lak. tapi tak sume ayat r. 30% je y betul. huhu...

    xpe2..bagus at least i'm getting better. hua2..

    tapi dier nmpk mcm garang r..huhu..takut jekk...

    hehe..ko grup 7 seh! hebat! english sure mantap giler..

    hoiho...aku grup 6. and dlm 200 scholar ak at the bottom 3 for grammar...

    haha..gempak tak..hua3..(apsal mcm bangga lak grammar teruk..haizz...T_T)

    takper r..plg kurang, aku tau r aku teruk. dari aku tak tau aku teruk, tak ke tu lagi teruk? ye dak? ngeh3...

  26. On syaima>>

    i'm waiting...

    On hudasaffry>>

    td bru je nk reply comment, tp xjadik ar..

    On ain>>

    Rrrrrrrrr...forget bout it. i have some mission to be done..me and zuhair..haha

  27. On everjihad>>

    tau xpe.
    xpe tau.

    let's become a good learner...


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