Aug 8, 2008

Sarcastic and Sarcasm...

adj. showing or expressing sarcasm.

n. a way of using words that are the opposite of what you mean in order to be unpleasant to sb or to make fun of them.

I learnt many literary devices and one of it is irony which most often known as sarcastic irony. It came out during the English Test -- which makes people thinking of suicide -- haha. 'Hambar sungguh cerita pasal test ini.'

Really fun to use this word.

You can read article on sarcastic at

That article is about how the brain comprehends sarcastic -- a health articles. Also do refer to the picture above.

But, most important, I want to share a movie -- The Onion: Report - 70 Percent of All Praise Sarcastic -- Imagine that! How often people have done sarcastic to you.


  1. haih haih haih...

    'sarcastic' again. i think it is a favourite word for anas and zuhair.

    hey, about the 'charisma' things, honestly i'm telling the truth but in a cynical way. izit consider sarcastic??

    haihhh.. blur blur blur..

    btw, i dono y i can't watch the video. perhaps the wireless connection?

    nothing much.

  2. On aqila aini:

    I'm very sorry, but wateva u say, wateva it is manipulated, at the end, that thing is sarcastic and totally unacceptable.

    i have told so many times, wat makes u more afraid, is all about yourself, nothing to do with me.
    thus, u are considered genuine sarcastic..


  3. sarcastic and sarcasm...that`s what anas is trying to achieve that,he always said that the other people is trying to be sarcastic while it is him the one that is trying to be sarcastic...what a truly sarcastic kind of person u are...I`m sorry for u..

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. hahaha...

    i'm a genuine sarcastic???

    seriously i laugh hilariously..

    i dono y suddenly all sarcastic pop-out and make an issue here.

    argh, i don care because it's cool to be a genuine sarcastic!


    stress can lead to sarcasm.


    i don even noe wat the hell i'm typing now!!!!

  6. On aqila aini:

    Actually, this post is about sarcastic, so people tends to allege others on sarcasm..
    just for fun...
    we are having fun together...
    jgn la ade pape ek..
    kata tajuk pun sarcastic...
    tp, aku just nk tunjukkn video praise sarcastic...
    ayat2 kt atas, just for nonsense keyh...

  7. ye, betul tu nas
    aku kenal btul dia ni
    gurau2 tu benda biasa lah kan
    happy sarcastic day!
    video itu menarik lah.

  8. On xancer:

    i've replied, but now i've chose not to cancel the reply"tion".

    On sahabat:

    happy sarcastic day to u 2..

  9. herm...
    las month, i was very sarcastic 2 u, laying on d sarcasm real thick..

    but now i c, it is better 2 forgive, but never 2 forget..

    n in truth, no matter what u laid out for me,

    i'll keep it 2 d person 1 first met,
    so no bad memories..


  10. On sueray:

    //Thnx 4 wateva, n ever wat...

  11. Snippet_Aug 10

    ** This post is just for fun. And this comment box is nothing serious. Haha.

    ** Reu place changed due to problems

    ** I will only attend half the event -- of having other event do so -- not confirm yet

    ** ICPU's 1 week holiday starting Saturday next week

    ** Next week is test week (Test 2 for Chem and Ad. Func)

  12. "Hambar sungguh cerita pasal test ini"

    ayat ini. semacam kenal.

    yeah, and to tell the truth, it's cool to be sarcastic. at least for me.

    the way you talk, the way you express your words, and the way your word sounds... everything is cool.

    yeah, and i'm trying to be that so called "master of sarcastic"


  13. salam.
    bila nak buat post baru.
    minggu dpn cuti en?
    ajar aku java ek!

  14. On zuhair:

    Yuh, u'r true, and true is urs.

    hari jumaat ni akan keluar kad report.
    kalau saya dpt 4+, saya pasti belanje kamu.tapi mengapa saya kata suatu yang mustahil.hambar sungguh.

    On sahabat:

    post baru tomorrow..kot...
    nex week super holiday..

    //Today is a memorable day for me -- I broke a chemical instrument in the lab, and have to pay for it! Imagine something crash in the lab!!! -- Me, the cause, the root..


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