Nov 20, 2008

icpuScore - we calculate your marks!

ICPU has come to an end, but not yet, there is still a 30% of final exam.

It's too late, but not too. I have done the icpuScore [software] to calculate marks but some students didn't take the opportunity to use it.

This is a good way to improve marks. I know my marks are also not that good but it is very good if you could estimate your course work marks.

Some still don't know what is their level until the end of the course especially chemistry marks for Mr Les students.

For this post, I just want to congratulate and thanks those who use the program of icpuScore (now version 3.2), and hope you found it useful. Before the start of the next semester, I'll update the icpuScore in this blog.


  1. wah..!
    u'v designed ur own software?
    am impressed.
    keep it up, bro.
    n all d best for finals.
    study smart, pray hard *wink*

  2. aku sebenarnye x reti nk masokkn markah cmne

  3. On Anonymous: time will have a better sem pny new edition..
    icpu Score 4.0
    jgn lupe tau..

  4. haa
    thanx to anas who helped me to keep track of my marks
    hail anas, the thane of i-CPU

  5. good idea, barulah junior2 sume ade semangat skit nak study erk, hehe..

    - hafiz

  6. Hafiz: yeah2, harapnye mcm tuh la.

  7. Salam Anas,
    Awak punyer icpuScore tu awak edarkan ke?
    Can I get it? =D

  8. Shahro: awak, nak nanti aku bagi...

  9. k2, ak pn nk gk ye anas...
    -afe rusle-

  10. 2 afe: boleh.boleh.boleh.
    untuk anda free aje.

  11. halo anas...
    where exctly cn i get ths software u created??
    sounds cool..


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