Dec 16, 2008

Dropbox - Syncs, back-up, share files easily!

Seriously I don't like transferring files through ym with its "Send File" built in ym. In slow connection, transferring could not occur, or sometimes, one of the user may see
it progressing but another person see it already cancelled (in conclusion, very confusing).

Dropbox is a freeware application and web service Dropbox that can synchronize between internet and computer. A Dropbox folder will be created on a folder on the hard drive after the installation. Any file you put inside that folder will automatically be synced and monitored for changes, and each time a change is saved, it backs up and syncs the file again. Even better, Dropbox does revision history, so if you accidentally saved a file and wanted to revert to an old version or deleted a file, Dropbox can recover any previous version.

(screenshot from my dropbox folder)

After I renamed the Anas' Final to Anas' Final Test, the dropbox in the internet also changed:

(screenshot from my internet browser)

Dropbox has helped me a lot through transferring the file, and uploading in a slow bandwidth internet connection, yet I recommend all of you to try (Why don't you give it a try!). To share I only need to copy public link from the folder in my computer and paste it wherever I want where people can download files directly - example - OUAC & non-OUAC research.doc. The only thing that I suggest the Dropbox to modify is having a widget like in, then it will be perfectly awesome.

To use Dropbox - click here - Dropbox


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  3. Nice software there to backup your hardisk data. Thanks for review

  4. 2 NIX: your welcome. I'll write more on interesting software.


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