Jan 15, 2009

IcpuScore v4.0 Beta

Good news for all ICPU students. Don't know how you are doing in the quarter, middle, almost end, of the semester? You should know your marks to keep your average surpass the cut-off point.

What do we offer?

ICPU SCORE v4.0 Beta - Ultimate software for calculating marks.
It's just a simple software makes in Microsoft Excel yet it's a very useful, helpful tools to bring up your marks.

People agree that knowing your target is very important, but how do you want to know whether you are currently achieving your target? How if suddenly you are far back from your target?

Again, we have the solution!

New features in Icpu_Score V4.0:

1. Using weights, you just have to enter weight and don't have to retype twice or thrice
2. Direct "marks" and "out of" space. You can just put your marks gained from the test and we calculate the percentage for you.
3. Colorful appearance that appeals user to reopen the file to check the marks
4. Complimentary Remarks Session where you can get some advices based on the marks you get.
5. Choosing option of blended median, blended mode, or weighted average.
6. Final Exam Marks Estimation allow you to estimate your marks for the whole course if you get certain marks for the exam.

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