Jan 3, 2009

Lingoes V2.5.3 - Perfect Computer Dictionary

I have once posted on this title: Let use Lingoes!

For those who have used it, make sure you update it to latest version 2.5.3 which just been released on 30 December 2008

--This section taken from Lingoes.net

The new version integrates cursor translator, looking-up in dictionaries and intelligent translation by creative zoned word translator. With selection of word or sentence in screen by cursor, it will translate as many as 23 languages of text into your native language. It's very convenient to use, we believe the new technology will change communication method among people.

New features:

1. Innovative zoned word translator can translate as many as 23 languages of text into your native language(or other language)
2. Natural voice can perfectly pronounce word just like a native English speaker.
3. Provide plugin for Adobe Acrobat Pro
4. Support cursor translator more fluently in Firefox 3

Section ended here--

For those who haven't use it yet, Lingoes is a very smart computer dictionary that you can find the meaning of a word by mouse-overing your mouse + shift/Ctrl to the words that you doubt of the meaning. You can simply press shift (or as configured) at the word, example: allegation

You no longer need to open a browser, checking meaning through handphone dictionary, or using the million pages (hyperbolic) of dictionary.

All you have to do is just download the file. You can also install additional Oxford Dictionary and Longman and many dicitionaries into Lingoes. It is the same as your thick dictionary!

I've downloaded Oxford and Longman...
Simple, Reliable, Give momentum....

"Lingoes is very user-friendly, perfectly helping me in doing my jobs... " Anas Faris

Download at Lingoes.net, or direct download here

If you have any problem regarding installation or anything related to it, do contact me.


  1. anas, edit edit
    30 disember 2008

    hee!~ baru ak nak tye asal lingoes ak xleh gne
    cepat ko bertindak..=)

  2. hudasaffry,

    ok, dh edit 9, siap bold lagi.
    mesti mau cepat bertindak punya.
    boleh guna tidak?

  3. thanx...already download..

  4. mahirah,

    you're welcome...enjoy it...

  5. hudasaffry,

    so, what is the problem then??

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Hi,
    Can't get lingoe to consistently recognize text in a Word 2003 doc. It works well in browser and on .txt under XP. Do you have any suggestions


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