Jan 19, 2009

Start using IcpuScore v4.0 now!

As I have post the file in IcpuScore couple of days ago, now, some of us can start using it for this semester. For example, the very first quiz of Calculus & Vectors, and I have found the problems in the IcpuScore v4.0, which when you enter 4.5 out of 6 in the box, the 4.5 will be rounded off to 5.

Actually, there will be no error in calculation but only the digit appear on the screen will be rounded off. I will update the file to IcpuScore v4.1 this weekend, and I hope for those who has used it, if you faced any difficulties and problems, please ask in this blog or in the comment box in IcpuScore.

If you haven't grab this file, grab it now!!

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