Mar 30, 2009

Tips - JPA Interview

Before the interview

  1. Prepare smart dress (formal)
  2. Prepare documents (e.g IC, interview letter, etc.)
  3. Prepare your mental and physical
During interview
  1. Check at a information board on the venue of your interview
  2. Wait calmly, you may needed to reorganize your documents, do it calmly
  3. Once you're called to the room, walk confidently
  4. Greet the interviewers
  5. Sit according to what have been arranged for you
  6. There are two parts of interview: Introducing yourself, and topic discussion.
  7. For the part I: Introducing yourself, you'll be asked either in Malay or English. If you're asked in Malay, answer in malay.
  8. You would be asked about the country you would like to pursue studies
  9. For this question, please prepare a good reason for it, at least not too , not simply "Australia, because it is near to my country" because I'm sure the interviewer would reply, "Then better for you to study in Malaysia.
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