Jun 22, 2009


1. To whom it might concern.

2. I am proud that more people can fly after the adjustment been made. Do you know that I have known your marks before the marks were released and your marks have been adjusted more than once?

3. More people became happier, and some were even euphoric when they knew they could make up to 80. They didn't know the process were legal or not.

4. This is the world. People want to satisfy their own satisfaction but have less thought of others. People become arrogant in their good time.

5. Some of my friends asked me to request a rollback to these students' original marks, but I chose not to. I am a hacker and why should I misuse my power?

6. When the dictionary defines too many words, and people become confused. What does a hacker do? I was nearly been investigated by both the cops of Malaysia and Canada. The TCiS also wanted to investigated me.

7. I misused my knowledge of Computer Science to do all this. Computer Science teaches the students about how to go through the system, database and everything. Those who learn this subject will know about this.

8. People use their own definition to satisfy themselves, misuse the word 'privacy'.

9. I did not want to retire of becoming a hacker; For being a hacker can help people to fly.

10. I am not a hacker.


  1. Perfect.
    Alhamdulillah, a good boy ^_^

  2. fuh....luahan hati & prsaan seorg hacker..gd luck to u in being an 'ethical' hacker...tho im not sure the word hacker itself is ethical..waha...watever..sbb bnde ni xleh 'like' cam facebook...aku kene ckp "I like this"..daa~

  3. ayat ini penuh dgn sarkastik dan maksud mendalam. terima kasih kerana komen.

  4. Anas mmg yg terbaeekkk dari ladang KISAS

  5. haha..pandai ko affan..chess on ye..

  6. InsyaALLAH
    Anonymous: sme la~ "LIke"
    Anas: Cari la widget tu klu ada. Da jmpa inform ana.

  7. haha... "to whom it might concern"

    i wonder who...

  8. congratulation.

    people with good hacking ability is a most wanted people. however it depend on which path you choose.

    remember this..
    "matlamat tak menghalalkan cara"

  9. ingin ditekankan sekali lagi, keseluruhan isi post ini mengandungi unsur paradoks dan sarkastik.

  10. NurshahidahZahidJune 23, 2009 at 2:12 AM

    Anas Ahmad Faris juga seorg manusia yg punya hati dan perasan.

  11. haha... "to whom it might concern"

    i wonder who...

  12. penjual echoes 12 oriJune 23, 2009 at 5:20 AM

    sbg peminat formalist criticism, sye amat kagum dan bangga dgn artikel ini yg mmpunyai struktur yg unik dan sugguh bermakna..beliau berjaya meggunakan point form yg mnunjukkan ketegasan nye dlm mnyatakn hasrat di hati sanubari beliau..sekaligus menunjukkan bhw kata2 itu dtg dr keikhlasan beliau sndiri tanpa dipengaruhi oleh anasir2 jahat dr luar mahupun dalam negara..smoga berjaya dunia akhirat...HIDUP PAKATAN/BARISAN!!!!

  13. pakatan nasional atau barisan rakyat?

  14. 'to whom it might concern??'
    can i make a guess??

  15. gas tidak diperlukan buat masa ini.

  16. Allah knew the best.
    we don't need any adjustment to our fate.

  17. > aHelmi

    yea. knew that. accept it as it is. but sometimes, it really test u.
    sometimes, it's is easy to say it, but to act on it it needs lot of courage.

    to have faith is what is all about.

  18. @aHelmi and @everjihad kullu nafsin zaiqatul maut. maka sentiasa bersedia menghadapinya.


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