Jul 8, 2009

Casakuniya Promoters

1. I just added the Casakuniya bookstore html banner code yesterday. I am very happy that there are some people who would like to promote Casakuniya in their blog.

2. I would like to promote their blog here as a link exchange:

#1 Stuck in a College - Faiz Mn

#2 Futsal Casa 2009 - Casa Subang Futsal Players

#3 X hensem tp macho... - Azwan

#4 Inspire the Future - Syafiq Azhari

#5 Ain't Just a Blog - Salman

#6 What's in that Soul - Syafiqah Najib

#7 Critical Angle - Affan Ruslan

#8 .:Me, Myself, and Others:. - Amir Fakhruddin

3. All these blogs will receive special award in money form for helping to promote Casakuniya, which is also known as "Garden of Knowledge and Virtue of Casa Subang". I am still appreciate if you want to put this banner in your blog, thank you very much:

Casanova - Gedung Ilmu Casa Subang

Copy html code below and paste into your blog to promote ICPU.


  1. yg ko tulis name aq tu asal?
    penat je merahsiakn identidi..

  2. @Future Murrabi | kan dlm chatbox ko dh btau nme ko. xde rahsia dhla.

  3. ape kate kau jd promoter mcd?

  4. @Izyan | izyan mmg terbaiik dari ladang McD.


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