Jul 19, 2009

Rapid KL Roller Coaster (RKRC)

Roller Coaster

1. Scenario: Several days ago, I took the Rapid KL bus during the peak time, and the people in the bus were sandwiched. However, the driver, maybe a very good physician, drove the bus with high acceleration and magnificent drift. During the turning, the bus elevate at less than 80% realtive to the ground. When moving up and down hills, people inside the bus were screaming, aaaahh, like in a roller coaster (this is a true story). The feel is almost the same like in a roller coaster, I guarantee, because the bus was moving very fast, with high momentum (high mass - full of people). It was really hard to describe in words...

2. This post will tell you two things. First, how to make a Rapid KL Roller Coaster. Second, what to do when you are in a Rapid KL Roller Coaster.

Rapid KL Bus

3. How to make a Rapid KL Roller Coaster?

Step 1: As a driver, if the bus is full, assume that there is no one is inside. Allow another 100% of people as in the bus to enter and join rather than waiting for another bus.

Step 2: As a passenger, when you see a full bus, try to enter in any way you can.

Step 3: As a driver, accelerate the bus as fast as possible. During a turning, drift as best as possible, and try to break as last minute as possible.

Step 4: As a passenger, scream as loud as possible, sound like in a roller coaster.

Congratulation, now you make a Rapid KL Roller Coaster.

4. What to do when you are in a Rapid KL Roller Coaster?

Step 1: As a driver, you don't have to care much if you learn Physics, maybe you know the maximum acceleration that you should reach.

Step 2: Be positive, don't think of accident that already happen.

Step 3: Make doa and zikir. Muhasabah yourself. Be prepared and stay focus!

5. We are always supporting the public transport. The fare has been announced increased, yet must do the service.


  1. weyh..anaS, physician ialah org yg practice medicine..org yg practice physics/mantap dlm physics ialah physicists kalau x salah aku la, mr Chng penah gtau..hehe!!~

  2. haha. dah ada org argue dh dlm facebook. ini piece of literature, so driver tu sendiri not even seorg pakar physics, so kita bg adj. yg lebih2 kurg. tp still bleh interpret sbg benda lain. ini hasil english 4U ICPU.

  3. huhu~
    my new hobby....

    i lykeee


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