Aug 25, 2009

If popular websites are people...

Elontirien, a comic artist, on deviantART, illustrated popular websites as different types of people. Through several criticism, you can analyze why Elontirien portray them in such ways.

Facebook with cool thumb up, Twitter as a small kid, Myspace with a headphone, Wikipedia as a specky kid, DeviantART as a girl, Youtube with emotional action, and Google as a nerd.

An artist commented this picture as "Internet University", where all the students and faculty are personified famous websites.

Do the pictures portray the famous websites? What say you?

Elontirien [via DeviantART]


  1. I wonder how does Anas Faris would look like on the net. haha.

  2. @Syafiq Azhari @AmmarX Wait for the launching of a new company, then we decide.


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