Apr 12, 2010

Equations of Success: Success in Relations

After we went through success within us, now let us move on to success with others.

B. Success in Relations
Success isn't that hard

1. Define your roles in life

You have to define the roles that you hold in your life. You will have a family, friends, organization, community, teammates, house mates, and most importantly, Creator. Remember, as in the previous equation (the formula of success within us), we are responsible for what we have control of. Thus, we have to play our prominent role in order to do the best to fulfill our responsibilities in this groups.

2. Control your behavior

Your behavior affects those surround you, so control yourself the best you can. Never think that shouting or getting angry is the best solution, or even a good solution for solving things or dealing with egos. Also, don't promise until you sure you want to do. This is important because if someone wants to hire you for a job, or if you want to benefit from someone, people want to see 'trust in you. Behave ethically! Don't cheat in anything you do, even in exams. If you are asked whether you have cheated in exam even one time in your life, would you say no? If no, good! Credibility and trustworthy are what may upgrade yourself in others view.

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-Adapted from talk from Dr. Tareq Suwaidan at Ryerson University on Formulas of Success

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