May 1, 2008

Mr Ch'ng: People will never remember number TWO!

25 April was a sorrow day, after all, Mr ch'ng retired.
2 years of working under the advice of him in the solar car team KISAS, a lot of thing I gained.
How to work with professionalism, smart and keep moving forward.

Please keep this in your mind...

"People will never remember number TWO.
People only remember number ONE...

Who is the second golf master???
Don't know, right..."

Story of Final Solar Car Comp. in Terengganu...
2006 Car - designed by Anas n Yusuff As-Siddique
2007 Car - designed by Anas n Aiman AB, plus Aqil Kamaruddin
After all the sweat and toils, we managed to get number three national level.
But, of course, the way of losing is something unacceptable.
There are only two tracks, 6 cars, and during the FINAL, we were in the first position, so we were racing with the second.
But, the poor system, man parallax error, the number 3 and 4 race got number one and two, and we only got number three.
Could you see?? The different is only 0.++second, but we can see their car is slower...

When I came to Mr Ch'ng and tell this, he started saying about injustice...
The system was bad...He started to count the probability of racing on the tracks..

The story of Mr Ch'ng and certificates

I only got the certificate after all the scholarship interview was over..
When I came to Mr Ch'ng, he said,

"This people didn't work well. Poor! They should know if their children wants to apply for scholarship, they should need it...They didn't think of others.."


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