Oct 27, 2008

A long break;


1. As what I've discussed before with my friends, we will reach time when we don't have time for the blog. It is also because we can't find something to put in.

2. Break is important. (We also use break in java programming)

3. My research found that many people forgot to put break in their schedule. Enough break is as important as enough study. Break keeps the momentum and consistency of works. It also processes the previous activities. That's why it's very important to take a nap in the afternoon. About 20 minutes is enough.

4. Now, what would you do when you found your previous result is bad? The answer is balance your break time and study time. Make a choice. Manage your study effectively with the this equilibrium.

5. Sleep is the best rest. There are no other medicine for sleepy other than sleep. Most of us think of sleep as a time of rest -- a time when the brain relaxes, and becomes quiet. Actually, when we're sleeping, our brain is continuing to learn the material you've been exposed to during the day.

8. The amazing truth is that learning continues after the actual studying is done. In fact, research indicates the maximum benefit of all your hard hours of studying comes about only after a good night’s sleep. (Walker MP, Brakefield T, Hobson JA, 616-620).

9. Furthermore, even though you may have stopped studying, knowledge and skills continue to improve over several nights of sleep. Although sleep on the first night following training offers the most dramatic benefit, subsequent nights of sleep continue to provide smaller, less pronounced gains. (Walker MP, Brakefield T, Hobson JA, 616-620).

10. You can applicate many thing based on all these theories. After I do some more research on this, I'll post in the future.


1. Walker MP, Brakefield T, Hobson JA, et al. Dissociable stages of human memory consolidation and reconsolidation. Nature. Oct 9 2003;425(6958):616-620.

2. Google.com.my


  1. wow! this is not "merepek"
    true! and soo true..

    hopefully u gained enough momentum to start pulling through this ICPU~

    all the best!!!

  2. sleep no more anas
    sleep no more ^^

  3. On syaima:

    huhu...after a long break;
    ilham blaja shakespeare la ni...
    nanti sem depan blaja shakespeare agi..

    ON huda:

    ini penyakit2 ayat shakespeare gak..
    tp mesej tu untuk ko..
    aku mau tido aje...

  4. ahahahaah..agree with syaima...we do need a really good rest...but i think i am overresting..hahaha it means oversleep~always sleep in the class especially econ class..

    hmm really have to balance my timetable~

  5. ON liyana:

    overresting pun xpe...haha

  6. sangat setuJu...!

    sleep is d be$T mediciNe tO d sleepy's one...

    dun f0rce ourselve..klu dh xtreme pNt~!

  7. haha..
    so why teacher blames us sleeping in class..

  8. d purp0se of entering d class's t0 study..to learn..nOt to Sleep..^_^

    jgn against fitRah,when it comes to sleep tyme..juz sleep lah~

  9. ea? sem depan blaja shakespeare lg yer?xperasan lak ak..haha..adoi2 botak lagi laa kple blaja shakespeare nih..

    btw, ak pon mahu tido juge.. mate da pejam tp tgn maseh bergerak gerak^^

  10. yes sleep is essential after a long sem.hehe hapy hols to me.nak tidoo je boleh?hik3

  11. uish nas...
    klu aku tdor 9 jam sehari,
    start kul 2 pg....
    g klas, blur2, sbb x leh fokus,
    balik2, ngadap laptop, on9 je manjang,
    tuh org panggil rest ke ape ah?


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