Dec 14, 2008

Canadian Universities Research

First and foremost, I have done a thorough but not too deep research on universities in Canada. Most of it specifically for engineering. I hope this will help all of my friends in guidance to choose university especially ICPU applicants.


I have compiled information from five links that sorts up universities ranking based on several criteria, and this is several universities on the top:

1 University of Toronto
2 University of British Columbia
3 McGill University
4 University of Alberta
5 University of Waterloo
6 University de Montreal
7 McMaster University
8 Simon Fraser University
9 University of Calgary
10 Queen's University
11 University of Western Ontario

Hereby, I uploaded the file with all those ranking compiled - download below:


Compiled from these links:


For OUAC, we have to choose 3 universities out of 14 which offers engineering;

OUAC Research by Anas, A.

1 University of Toronto - Toronto

In calculating the average, the Faculty will use the highest mark of the five elective courses.
Engineering program: Chemical, Civil, Computer, Electrical, Industrial, Materials, Mechanical, Mineral, Engineering Science, Track One (General Engineering) (common first year)

2 University of Waterloo - Waterloo

Minimum 70% overall final average
Engineering program (co-op only): Chemical, Civil, Computer, Electrical, Environmental, Geological, Management, Mechanical, Mechatronics, Nanotechnology, Software, System Design

3 McMaster University - Hamilton

Minimum 80-82% overall final average
Engineering program: Chemical, Chemical/Bio, Civil/Struct/Geotech, Civil/Water/Environ, Computer, Electrical, Electrical/Biomedical, Materials, Mechanical, Mechatronics, Software, Engineering Science, Computer Science, Business Informatics, Software & Game Design

4 Queen's University - Kingston

Minimum 80% overall final average
Minimum English 4U grade of 70%
Engineering program: Chemical, Civil, Computer, Electrical, Geological, Mechanical & Materials, Mining, Math and Engineering, Engineering Chemistry, and Engineering Physics.

5 The University of Western Ontario - London

Engineering program: Civil, Computer, Electrical, Mechanical, Software, Integrated

6 University of Ottawa - Ottawa

Minimum 70% overall final average
Engineering program: Biomedical Mechanical, Chemical, Chemical & Computing Tech, Civil, Civil & Computing Tech, Computer, Electrical, Electrical & Computing Tech, Mechanical, Mechanical & Computing, Software

7 York University – Toronto

Minimum mid 80% overall final average
Engineering program: Computer, Geomatics, Space

8 Carleton University - Ottawa

Engineering program: Aerospace, Civil, Communications, Computer Systems, Electrical, Environmental, Sustainable and Renewable Energy, Mechanical, Physics, Software, Biomedical & Electrical, Biomedical & Mechanical

9 Ryerson University - Toronto

Minimum 70% overall final average
Minimum of 60% is required in each of the program specific subject requirements
Engineering program: Aerospace, Biomedical, Chemical (Co-op), Civil, Computer,

Electrical, Industrial, Mechanical, Urban and Regional Planning, Architectural Science

10 Lakehead University - Thunder Bay

Minimum 70% overall final average
Engineering program (All coop): Chemical, Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, Software

11 University of Ontario Institute of Technology - Oshawa

Minimum 70% overall final average
Engineering program (can also be plus management e.g. Automotive Engineering and Management) : Automotive, Electrical, Energy System, Manufacturing, Mechanical, Nuclear, Software

12 Laurentian University – Sudbury

Engineering program: Chemical, Mechanical, Mining (co-op), Civil

13 University of Windsor - Windsor

Minimum 70% overall final average
Engineering program: Civil, Electrical, Environmental, Industrial, Mechanical

14 University of Guelph - Guelph

Engineering program: Biological, Environmental, Mechanical, System & Computer, Water Resources


I also found a very meaningful article/research/survey from;

Which school do the experts think is tops?
By Mary Dwyer | November 10th, 2008 | 7:20 am

Results of Maclean's university reputational survey

University-bound students are keen to learn as much as possible before deciding which university to attend, quizzing those who may have an opinion worth listening to. Take those opinions and multiply them hundreds of times over and you have the idea behind Maclean’s reputational survey. What do those whose professions put them in a position to form opinions—both about how well universities are meeting the needs of students and how ready their graduates are to embark on successful careers—really think?

To find out what the professionals think about the state of post-secondary education in Canada, Maclean’s solicited the opinion of nearly 12,000 individuals across the country, asking for their views on quality, innovation and leadership at Canadian universities.

Those surveyed included university officials at each ranked institution, high-school principals and guidance counsellors from every province and territory, the heads of a wide variety of national and regional organizations, plus CEOs and recruiters at corporations large and small.

Respondents were asked to rate Canada’s universities in three categories: Highest Quality, Most Innovative, and Leaders of Tomorrow. Best Overall represents the sum of the scores for all three categories. The survey form reminds participants that Maclean’s does not expect them to be familiar with every university, and that we are asking them to provide their views only on those universities about which they have an informed opinion.

The reputational survey has a regional as well as a national component that divides the country into four key areas: the western provinces, Ontario, Quebec and the Atlantic provinces. All respondents completed a national survey; university officials, principals and guidance counselors also completed regional ones, allowing them the opportunity to focus on the region they know best. The national and regional surveys are combined to produce the final results.

This year, a new name was added to the survey list: the University of Ontario Institute of Technology. Founded in 2003, UOIT’s relative youth precludes it from yet being included in our overall ranking, but its results on the national reputational ranking are included here in the interest of prospective students. UOIT’s results were no included, however, when the reputational indicator score was calculated as part of the overall rankings.

The reputational survey achieved an overall response rate of 7.1 per cent. Broken out by groups, the response rates were: 26.2 per cent for university officials; 4.9 per cent for high-school principals and guidance counsellors; 5.2 per cent for CEOs, corporate recruiters and heads of organizations.

Original article - Which school do the experts think is tops


I'm sorry I haven't research for universities outside Ontario such as McGill, UBC, Calgary. I will update soon.

Please remind as M. Saras said, all universities in Canada is great, and outstanding. But, the point is, you are going to apply for a university!


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  6. Hi everyone,

    I have a google alert set up to notify me every time Simon Fraser University comes up in a blog post so that I can be proactive about helping students like you out.

    I work for the Faculty of Science at Simon Fraser University. I wish you luck in choosing the right school for your studies - as mentioned above, all Canadian schools meet a very high standard. Simon Fraser University is well-known in the high technology side of engineering (Mechatronics, Computer Engineering, electrical engineering etc).

    If you would like me to put you in touch with someone from our School of Engineering, I would be happy to.

    Stephen Price
    Faculty of Science
    Simon Fraser University

  7. 2 Stephen Price: Thanks. You can promote your university here. We are still on the way of applying our universities before 1 January. Hope you can give more information on Simon Fraser University (Engineering).

  8. anas, hmm de wat research tak U mane ade offer bhs arab? based on my research for now, i found 3.

    3-York University

    Simon fraser ..
    do they offer arabic?

    usually arabic is offered in huge2 city. I want to go to Univ that arabic is availabe. That will be my first place which one of the main reason i choose UofT.

  9. 2 everjihad: I don't know which university offers arabic, but hopefully it'll benefit you. do some more research. Nak cakap arab ke?

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    btw, just want to share good website for comparing Universities in all aspects.

    the website so superb! plus they also got online fair for some universites..

    i got from miss christie my world issue's teacher.

    check it out!!

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