Feb 27, 2009

ICPU Score 4.1 Stable Version Released

New Feature after tested on ICPU Score 4.0 Beta:

-No rounding off figures in the entered value

(You can still uding the 4.0 version as long as you know that the rounding off will not affect the calculation)

Sorry for the inconvenience. Happy using ICPU Score!

"Knowing your marks is an absolute great way to increase your marks. You'll never realize it until you use it."

Download IcpuScore v4.1


  1. Hurm... Knowing one's marks is low will motivate one to work harder...

    By the way, do you know of a former KISAS student named Syazwan who is now in Al-Azhar? Who is he? I managed to trace him until I found this website.


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