Mar 17, 2009

Blog for SPM Leavers

For all SPM Leavers, me and my friends and the communities of Malaysian, have created a blog named - for all SPM leavers, now especially for those who just took their SPM results last week. Although it is just a start, me and my fellow group members are trying our best to help all our future generations.

I have received inquiry on whether to apply JPA or MARA and the due date is tomorrow, and there will be several post on it on the blog until afternoon tomorrow. I just start with few sentense and there will be someone continuing it. [If you need more inquiry on this, I will online tonight - ym id: e_mc2paradox / google talk id: sifooparadox]

The purpose of the blog is to help making the best decision after SPM, applying scholarship, course, and country as well as tips for interview. Not only that, for the rest of the holiday session, there will be some recommendation on what to fill the idle holiday.

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  1. Good start for forming new generation with new paradigm. Well, I wish I could put my energy together. Need any help, dont hesitate to tell me ya. =)


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