Jun 3, 2009

Holiday, time to make money! Interested?

Holiday, holiday and holiday. When holiday comes, people start thinking of what to do. Some would think of having vacation (this is nice!) or having a trip with friends, looking for job, study for future (amazing!??), hanging out with friends, learning religious knowledge (perfect!!) while some would consider sleeping most of the time.

For me, I my prior for this holiday is to continue making money online, which would not take much of energy, cost and time in relative to the outcomes. I would also like to share the experience and knowledge on how to make money online, based on the outcomes of what I has already learned and what I would learn. My total earnings until now (including pending) are more than a thousand ringgit.

My main focus is making money through adsense. I would write about adsense in the next few posts. However, here I would like to list two complimentary sites that could be a possible income during holiday.

1st Youthsays - Making money through survey

This is a malaysian site, that gives income through answering survey. You'll be credited according to the survey value. The bad side of this site, is, survey only available periodically, not all the time, and you would see your money hold for a long time.

For me, that is not a problem, I would receive e-mail for new survey, thus, whenever there is a new survey, I will answer. Who knows this can be your extras money one day! You don't need any effort except answering surveys for this site.

Message from the site:

Everyday, you say something.

You SMS, chat online, and talk to your friends and family.

What if you got rewarded for your say?

More than 165,177 young Malaysians and I have been active in this community and I thought you would want to check it out.

How does it work?
* Get paid when you take surveys, help businesses and society serve you better.
* Meet like minds and influence others as you discuss your interests, current issues in the group discussions.
* Help young Malaysians with their questions. Or ask one of your own!

It's actually quite addictive and you can earn a bit of money on the side. Till date, members have earned a total of RM 150,205.

You have to see it for yourself!

If you want to join, click this banner:

2nd - myLot - Earn money while discussing in forum

See this post for description: http://paradoxanas.blogspot.com/2008/12/mylot-discuss-anything-while-earning.html

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