Jul 16, 2009

ICPU Key Performance Indicator 2010

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[ICPU Key Performance Indicator used as a module in Welcoming Newcomers (WNC) Taylor's University College 2009]

File can be downloaded here


  1. great effort..hopefully, juniors will use this as a platform to improve themselves..gud luck!

  2. Semoga mereka dan kita terus maju jaya bersama matlamat yang jaya.

  3. bgos anas...
    bakal pemimpin negara kelak..

  4. @roberto6 | kita semua pemimpin mse depan.. semua orang harus bersedia dan mengahadapi cabaran..

  5. This is brilliant!

    To juniors :
    Now you know the secret,
    do score in ICPU!

  6. @Future Murabbi | thanks for the comment. the true secret can only be known when people discover by themselves. Discover it!

  7. bagus2,, teruskan usaha anda...

  8. @faiz | teruskan usaha anda juga..

  9. beruntung giler sape jadik junior anas woo. macam2 benda leh dapat.

    aku dulu takde pun tau benda2 ni. pandai2 nak survive sendirik..

    anyway, wish All the best to those juniors. and also wish All the best to myself and my beloved friends out there.

    May we can change this world become a better place.

    Good job Anas. Keep it up. I will always support you as long you not distract to 'another' way around.

    If not mistaken, there is hadis that mentioned, the best people is one that give benefit to other humanbeings. (correct me of i'm wrong or tersilap ape2)

    so, Remember Allah n Rasul.you will be safe.
    Keep on contribute to ummah.


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