Apr 26, 2009

Chess Clock for Free

Chess is a game played by two players, who we'll call White and Black. It is played on a board of 64 squares. Each square can be empty or occupied by a piece. The initial position of the game consists of 16 white pieces and 16 black pieces, arranged as shown in the following diagram.

Whoa, what I have been talking about?

You feel addicted to chess, and you like to play and play. But, you don't want to feel bored with people who take too much time to make a move.

You'll be thinking of buying a chess clock? But, you could not find it, or find it expensive.

Here is the solution, you just need to download it on your computer. Click here to download for free. This is the software I downloaded from (already forget the website). You can also find other related software on the internet.

When you play with your opponent, switch your computer on and put beside you as in the tournament. You just hit the space bar when your turn is over.

You can practice for your tournament also!


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