Apr 30, 2009

Futsal Casa 2009

It is my pleasure that Futsal Casa is the best event ever organized by me. Casa Futsal Championship started on 16 April 2009 and estimated to be finished on 15 May 2009. 8 teams registered for the competition: Casanova, Sepak Kang!, Silang Kaki, Hok Piye, Plagiarism, Kinked Demand, Geng Bas Casa, and Geng Kaca Mata.

Casa Futsal Championship is the first all-play-all futsal championship in Casa Subang. The championship is aimed to spur up sports habit as well as to tighten the relationship between Casa Subang members.

The most wonderful thing about Futsal Casa is it's blog with so many professional reporters (not like that reporter). The blog tells us about match fixtures, match updates, top awards, and interesting, hot and sensible news. There are many interesting videos inside there, too.

The idea of Futsal Casa born in Miss Natalie's P4 class. Futsal Casa is sponsored by Sadid (money, merchandise), Anas (software, money), Ustaz Khairy (prize, money). I'm very proud of being in that class, which end up with full controversy.

I would like to thank all the CASA members who support the game. Here are the list of the committees.

President: Anas
Vice-President: Sadid
Secretary: Thaqif
Treasurer: Hakim
R & D Managers: Qayyum, Nabil
LAWAS Manager: Syafiq Azhari
Game Manager: Azwan
Ad Manager: Kateq
Software Manager: Ame
LAWAS Reporters:


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