Jul 3, 2009

Free co.cc - Choose a domain name

CO.CC:Free Domain

1. For those who want to change their blog url to www.anyname.co.cc without leaving your current blog or website url, this is the opportunity.

2. It's free of charge for uncommon name (included your name), but some are considered featured name. However, most are free.

3. Let's get start by using the form below! Really simple. Just follow the instruction given to you after you have check the availability.

4. For blogger users, after you have check the availability, you can follow the following guide. It may take up to 48 hours to do this.

5. Credit to Syafiq Kamaruddin for giving help to me on this.

1 comment:

  1. Kepada pengguna blogger, sila set up menggunakan Zone; gunakan panduan ini - http://www.co.cc/blogger/blogger.php seperti yang dinyatakan dalam perkara 4.

    penggunaan forwarding URL hanya mengforwardkan url blog sahaja.


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