Jul 1, 2009

Happy Canada Day!

Canada Day is celebrated on 1st July, the official independence day of Canada. The day commemorates the founding of the Canadian federal government by the British North America Act of 1 July, 1867. As the independence day of Canada, this day is observed as a national holiday throughout the country.

Happy Canada Day to Mr Jim Leonard, Mr Leslie Hussack, Mr Wise, Ms Natalie, Mr Frank, all ICPU canadian lecturers, and all canadian citizens, (Canadian students also applicable).


  1. hey anas.. good job..

    happy canada day..

  2. dah pro-canada nampak..hehe...

    happy independence day both canada and US..dekat2 je pun...and between dier....ade no 3... which is 3rd July ..haha....

  3. between canada day and US independence day is Ammar's birthday! hehe..happy birthday bro..we mis u!

  4. oh, ok2.. hari ini menyambut US Independence Day..


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