Dec 24, 2008

Random Posts, Popular Posts, and Top Commentators Widgets

Get three most useful widgets for your blog - from Widget Pipes.
I'll post more on widgets.

These widgets are created specially for those using, just use the Add Widget in this blog Widget Pipes, and everything is done for you.

Random Posts Widget

Sometimes you yourself missing what you have posted for a long time, and this is also beneficial to your visitors. They haven't gone through all your posts, or they might just become your new visitor. When you post new post, you'll miss the previous post, and your visitors miss too. Why don't put random posts widget in your blog.

If you have many articles in the blog and you would like the reader to read your previous articles. It is best to add this widget. Refresh the browser to test the random widget in this blog. It should be differs from before you refresh.

Widget created by Pratyush - using Yahoo! Pipes

Popular Posts Widget

Make a list of top posts in your blog now with Popular Posts Widget. Make sure the visitors do not miss the best hits from all the users. This will make your blog highlights the best article which makes the visitors stick to the blog.

Widget created by Amanda - using Yahoo Pipes.

You can also try other widgets -

Top Commentators Widget

For blogger users, you can add widget that ranks the top commentators of your blog. This can be a reward to those commentators for saying their words in your blog. This will encourage them to comments more. This widget is really great but please remember to delete your name by filling your name down there.

Widget created by Alex Chitu using Yahoo! Pipes.

Widgets edited by Anas. A Faris - Widget Pipes


  1. Good post
    May be i'll try them in short time

  2. You're welcome fiQ. Make your best blog.

  3. Cool widgets! Thanks.

  4. But how do I add these widgets to blogs that use classic template? And where do i get the Javascript code? Help me.

  5. Satish lyer,

    sorry for late reply. I'll post soon on the widget codes. don't worry, I keep visiting on your blog whenever you comment here. And congratz for the PR 2.

  6. thanks God
    after 6 hours searching I found the correct widget.
    thanks a lot to you
    all other widget were working wrong but this one is great


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