Dec 25, 2008

Typing Race - Check and enhance your typing speed!

I was recommended by my uncle and I recommend to you to try these racing tracks to check and enhance your typing speed.

It is very fun!

Reasons why you need to explore this:

1. Check your typing speed
2. Enhance your typing speed
3. Take less time in chatting and writing online
4. Do better in programming and assignment/project writing
5. Have a fun and release tension

Go to

You can choose to sign up or just become an unknown guest, to practice (improve your typing skills on your own), race against others (get matched up with random opponents), race with friends (invite your friends to a private race with chat), and join a private race (accept a friend's invitation).

You have to type a quote from a song given or from book etc -- can enhance your lyric memorization as well -- and you're speed will be calculated. It will be calculated in words per minute with account on accuracy.

What interesting in this site is when you start racing, you can race with someone who appears within seconds when you start (looks screenshot). You may compare your speed with them. Try 'em. Very fun and interesting!

Why don't you give it a try? And, if you want to boost your typing skill, you can do so in the comment box.

Facebook Typing Race

This one is great to compare your typing speed with your fellow facebook friends. You'll get your median report on how you're doing.

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