Dec 27, 2008

Speed test for your internet connection and website

Now, everyone concern about speed!

Speed test for your internet connection

Test your Internet connection speed at is a free broadband speed test with servers located all over the world. Compare your results with others and easily share them ( The report should be like this:

(Casa Subang)

You can also view how the internet connection at any region, country, and state. The picture belows show the comparison between the connection speed in Canada and in Malaysia:

(Canada Speed Test)

(Malaysia Speed Test)

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Website speed and loading time check

Website Speed Test

It is estimated that if a page doesn't load within 5-8 seconds you will lose 1/3 of your visitors. So if your website speed is slower than that perhaps you should revise your design, site structure or just move to a faster server (

Thus, speed of your website/blog playing an important role to the visitors. If you thing you want to make your website more readable at a faster rate, consider the heavy stuffs at the bottom of your page. This will load those stuff the last. Screenshot:

Typing speed check - because now everyone concern about speed

If you haven't tried the addictive speed race, go and play. Don't miss 'em - Typing Race


  1. "Now everyone concern about speed"
    Thing to ponder
    Almost everybody hate other things to be slow
    But not themselves

    Nice post!

  2. owh,cool..
    menarik nas...

  3. yes, that statement is precise and appropriate.

  4. btw, ko pny page berat la...
    aku pny 5 lebih sket2 jer...

  5. berat mmg beratla, tp benda berat aku letak bawah.

  6. Great Stuff about the Internet speed ..,I tested the Internet speed in the site internet-speed-testIt displays the results accurately the results are Uploading Speed is 224Kbps,Downloading Speed is 864Kbps..

  7. Keep posting the good work. Some really helpful information in there. Bookmarked. Nice to see your here


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