Mar 26, 2009

"I mark, therefore I am" - Mr Wise

I am promoting one of my teacher's blog, called Mr. Wise. Steve Wise is really a great and outstanding and knowledgeable who does not only teach English, but also expands students thought, motivation and life skills. This is some lines from his blog:

I mark, therefore I am


I love teaching. There is absolutely nothing in the world I would rather do. I love to learn and dig up new and interesting facts I can use to enrich my lessons. I love to learn new technologies and incorporate them into my lessons. I love the interchange of ideas among my colleagues from different disciplines. I love the interaction with the kids I teach and joy I get from seeing them grasp new concepts that will help them in their futures. I even love the rhythm of my job, the pressure of exams, the pleasure of the holidays. I love everything about my job. Except the marking.

I hate marking. It is boring and repetitive. I find it really hard to keep my mind on task, and I need the constant stimulus of caffeine and music to keep my mind awake. I think, “I have already taught this concept a dozen times, and they still don’t get it.” I think of all the other things I would rather be doing. I think of all the jobs that don’t require marking, or wasting entire weekends on essentially unpaid labour. There isn’t a single thing about marking that I like. Except that it is an essential part of teaching (see paragraph one).

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