Jan 12, 2010

Original, good quality post is Important

In the period of one month this blog was not been updated, I continuously monitor the FEEDJIT Live widget in the sidebar.

I recognize that although I have left this blog for a month, the blog still receive a lot of visitors which came from search engine (mostly from Google Search). So, my blog actually receive traffic from the search engine from the entire world.

Figure 1.0 - Screenshot of FEEDJIT Live for this blog (click to enlarge picture)

Thus, I can conclude that the most important thing in order to keep your blog momentum other than to keep updating your blog is to post original, good quality posts where it is mostly likely been searched from the users. The more unique it is, the higher you will indexed in the search engine.

Original, good quality post is really important!


  1. Akhirnya, sifoo sudah kembali!

  2. Kenapa x tulis...
    "Jadilah macam saya. Blog saya hebat"


  3. @affan: nanti aku buat satu post khas tentang blog ko affan.


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