Jan 15, 2010


After two years of blogging, I decided to change my blog url to http://www.anasfaris.com 

There are few people wondering about the type of this blog. What the heck is this blog is all about? There are no right and wrong answer, the answer is yours.


  1. ooo, da tukar dot com. padan ler klik dari dashboard xlepas.

  2. cool bar code.. klau scan agak2 brape juta nieh ~_~!

  3. @Luqman Nasran: Yes, it will cost around RM 33
    @mahirah: the original platform is blogspot - just the domain url
    @hudasaffry: try click dari blackboard lak
    @Dr. Syaimaaè Ahmad m.b.b.s: kalau scan, rosak scanner
    @Affan Ruslan: actually it is 10 USD not CAD

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