Feb 20, 2010

OMGPOP - The best multiplayer games

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I have never thought OMGPOP has become a madness that waste a lot of times. They have great games, though. Here, I am not promoting this game, so that I will not be blamed for bringing you into madness, however, I will introduce some games in OMGPOP:

1. Letterblox (Rating: 4/5)

Learn urself to be less dumb. From a given 6 letters, you have to combine the letters to make as many words as you can. Find rare words and 6 letter words to get extra points. Press space when you are stuck to reshuffle the words.

2. Draw My Thing (Rating: 5/5)

It's the drawing game! You draw, and the other players guess for your drawing. Then, they draw and you guess. A very good game for creativity. Guess the very unique drawing of a different people worldwide.

3. Blockles (Rating: 5/5)

I eat babies. Connect four or more to break blocks and send garbage to your opponent. It's quite similar with popular old game like tetris except that you have item that you can use to make your condition better or  make your opponent worse. The best item all the time is "Swap".

4. Hover Cart Racing (Rating: 4.5/5)

#1 Party game of the year. Race your friend and others and attack them using hover missile, mine, bomb in the game. This makes the game more challenging and interesting.

There are some other interesting games like Hover Cart Battle, Balloono, Checkers etc.

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